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Montana Cup 2019-2020 #2 Oct 26, 2019
Montana Cup #2 And IE JO Qualifier for Epee
Bozeman Fencing Association: Bozeman, MT
posted 09/14/2019
More Info
Hosted by Bozeman Fencing Association

Location: Bozeman Fencing Association - 15 Tai Lane.

Specific times of events will be adjusted to reflect sign-up numbers and referee availability.

Points will be given for Y10/12, Y14, and senior events toward the end of season total. Montana Cup awards will be given at this event for all events held at least 3 times during the season.

If coaches have truly novice and smaller 15 year old fencers who are not yet prepared to fence Div III, we may adapt Y14 to include them upon request.

All unsanctioned events are training events for fun and practice.

Senior and Div III events are USFA sanctioned and USFA competitive membership is required and are self-reffed. The Cup may decide prior to the Sept event to hold Womens rather than Div III.

Y14 foil can be added in upon request if there are enough Y14 foil fencers who are not ready to fence senior foil.

Youth practice events require a noncompetitive USFA membership.

Plastron and knickers required for all.
Senior sanctioned foil fencers wearing chest protectors must wear the new padded chest protectors

$15/1st event. $5 for each additional event in Cup
$15 per JO Qualifier event

Contact email -

Montana Cup events do not require pre-registration, but it is really appreciated.

JO Qualifier events DO require pre-registration by October 19. If a Qualifier event has 3 or fewer registrants at midnight on 10/19/19, that event will not be held. Those 3 or fewer registrants must pay their registration fee to BFA by 10/26/19 in order to qualify for JOs.

If a JO Qualifier event has 4 or more registrants, it will be held and you will need to compete in order to have a chance at qualifying. Cadet qualifiers will be held later in the day than junior qualifiers. All cadets who qualify in the junior event automatically also qualify for cadet and thus need not compete in the cadet event.