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RCFC Regional Youth Circuit (RYC) - Region 1 Nov 16, 2019 - Nov 17, 2019
Join us for another Pacific Northwest Regional Youth Circuit at Rain City Fencing Center! RYCs are an important part of the qualifying path for Summer Nationals.
Rain City Fencing Center: Bellevue, WA
posted 09/11/2019
More Info
FRED Announces the RCFC Regional Youth Circuit

Join us for another Pacific Northwest Regional Youth Circuit at Rain City Fencing Center! RYCs are an important part of the qualifying path for Summer Nationals.

If you are interested in refereeing or helping with equipment checks, please let us know.

Visit for event details and registration.

------------------ Important Info: -------------------

Tournament: RCFC Regional Youth Circuit
Date(s): 11/16/2019 - 11/17/2019
Location: Rain City Fencing Center
1776 136th Place NE
Bellevue, WA 98005
(425) 747-6300

Event Schedule:

Y10 Men's Epee -- Saturday 11:00 AM
Y12 Men's Epee -- Sunday 11:00 AM
Y14 Men's Epee -- Saturday 2:00 PM

Y10 Women's Epee -- Saturday 11:00 AM
Y12 Women's Epee -- Sunday 11:00 AM
Y14 Women's Epee -- Saturday 10:00 AM

Y10 Men's Foil -- Saturday 1:00 PM
Y12 Men's Foil -- Sunday 10:00 AM
Y14 Men's Foil -- Saturday 10:00 AM

Y10 Women's Foil -- Saturday 1:00 PM
Y12 Women's Foil -- Sunday 2:00 PM
Y14 Women's Foil -- Saturday 2:00 PM

Y10 Men's Saber -- Sunday 12:00 PM
Y12 Men's Saber -- Saturday 2:00 PM
Y14 Men's Saber -- Sunday 10:00 AM

Y10 Women's Saber -- Sunday 12:00 PM
Y12 Women's Saber -- Saturday 11:00 AM
Y14 Women's Saber -- Sunday 2:00 PM

All times listed are close of registration. Events with simultaneous close of registration may not necessarily be fenced at the same time.

Doors open at 9:00 AM every day for registration and equipment check.

Per USFA guidelines, age groups with fewer than 4 of each gender will be fenced mixed (boys and girls together). In larger events, boys and girls will fence separately. Separate awards for boys' and girls' placements will be given in any case.

Age Eligibility:

Y10 - Fencers born in 2009-2012
Y12 - Fencers born in 2007-2010
Y14 - Fencers born in 2005-2008

Equipment Requirements:

We will inspect and mark all lames, masks, body cords, and gloves. Weight testing and other weapon inspection will be done at the strip. Y10 fencers must use #2 or shorter blades.

Per USA Fencing policy, all saber fencers must use 800N gloves. Foil fencers who wear a hard plastic chest protector must use the new FIE-approved padded protector. Chest protectors are still required for girls and optional for boys in all weapons.

Full regulation uniform, including fencing pants, long socks, and underarm protector, must be worn. Names on uniforms are not required. Fencers should bring a minimum of two working weapons and body cords to the strip. Rain City Fencing Center has equipment available for purchase.

All foil fencers at all competition levels must have masks with conductive bibs. RCFC has electric foil masks, mask cords, and retrofit kits for BG "Olympic" masks available for purchase.

Epee fencers note: Because a conductive surface can cause an opponent's weapon to ground out, electric foil (or sabre) masks are NOT permitted in the epee event. Two-weapon fencers will need two masks or a mask with an exchangeable bib.

All competitors must be current (2019-2020) competitive members of USA Fencing. Foreign fencers must obtain a Foreign Competitive membership from USA Fencing.

Fees and Registration:

Entry fees will vary depending on when you make your payment.

On or before November 1, 2019:

$20 registration fee
$30 per event

After November 1, 2019 triple fees will apply:

$60 registration fee
$90 per event

Note that USA Fencing adds a $5 Admin Fee to your registration. This fee is mandated by USA Fencing and is not part of the entry fees we receive.

All registrations and payments must be made through the USA Fencing site.

Registration and admin fees are non-refundable. To request a refund of event fees, send us an email. Refund requests must be received by Sunday, November 17th. No refunds will be given after the tournament is complete.

Visit for more event details and registration.