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Manhattan Fencing Tri-State Vet Saber Event Feb 26, 2020
Manhattan Fencing Center: New York, NY
posted 09/10/2019
More Info

This is one of the events in the 2018-2019 Tri-State Saber Veteran Cup. 2018-2019 will be the 5th season of the Cup.

The Cup regularly produces B1-rated Vet MS events and some of the largest Vet WS non-NAC tournaments in the country. Occasionally, tournament organizers will add a second aspect — e.g., a clinic the day before, a Senior Open MS or allowing women to also participate in the MS event (i.e., make the MS event a Mixed Saber).

Competitors regularly attend from the East Coast and visitors from farther away are always welcome (and can occasionally find a Vet fencer to host those who need a place to stay).

In addition to awards for each individual tournament, the Top 3 MS and the Top 3 WS fencers in the 2018-2019 Cup Point Standings at the end of the season will receive awards.

2018-2019 Season Cup Points for each fencer will be calculated as follows:

1. The sum of that fencer’s 4 best results across all 2018-2019 Cup events (if they compete in 4 or fewer events, all of the fencer’s results will count).

2. Points awarded to fencers at each event will depend on their finish and the number and letter rating of other participants in the event as follows:
a. Each participating fencer will be assigned a value based on their rating (U=2, E=3, D=4, C=5, B=6, A=7)
b. Each fencer will earns the number of points equal to the total value of all the fencers who finish below them, plus 2 points.
c. In the case of Vet Mixed Events, MS will earn points for all MS finishers below them; WS will earn points for all fencers (MS or WS) that finish below them.

2018-2019 Tri-State Veteran Saber Cup Events (as of August 20, 2018):

September 30 - Lilov Fencing Academy (Cedar Grove, NJ) -

November 1H / October 2H - Location TBC

January 1 - Tim Morehouse Fencing Center (Port Chester, NY) -

January 27 - Manhattan Fencing Center (Manhattan, NY)

March 10 - Sheridan Fencing Center (Manhattan or Westchester, NY - AskFred details to come

June 16 - Infinity Fencing Alliance (Woolwich Township, NJ) -

Please note: There are no refunds. If you are not able to make it, please send an email to by 01/15/19 to receive credit toward a future event.