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K-Town Youth Fencing Challenge Oct 19, 2019 - Oct 20, 2019
This is an open tournament and an Ontario Winter Games East Qualifier. This will be the first tournament in Ontario to host a Combat Light Sabre event on Sunday October 20th starting at 1.00 pm. Payment at the door in cash
Frontenac High School: Kingston, ON
posted 09/09/2019
More Info
PLEASE NOTE: Due to the difficulty of setting up an online payment system on short notice tournament fees will be accepted at the door in cash.

This tournament is hosted b the Kingston Fencing Club This is the first fencing tournament to be held in the newly renovated Frontenac High school Gymnasiums.

Do read the info sheet posted on the OFA website for more details.

All fencers require a valid CFF/USFA Comp License. An OFA recreational license is good for the Y12 & Y10 events.

This tournament will be run in accordance with FIE and CFF rules and regulations subject to the interpretations of the Directoire Technique.

All fencers are subject to Article t.15 of the FIE Rules and Regulations.

Full Electric sabre fencing attire is required which complies with current CFF regulations (min 350NW).

All foil fencers are required to have a conductive foil bib and need to wear a padded chest protector.

Cadet and Y15 Results will be submitted to the OFA/CFF for inclusion in domestic rankings.

Medals will be awarded to the top four competitors in all events.

Combat Light sabre mini tournament will be held on Sunday, October 20th at 2.00 pm. Medals will be awarded to top three competitors in a Mixed Y12 and under category and an open Y13 to adult category. For more information on Combat Light Sabre rules and regulations contact the organizer.

Events Schedule:

Saturday, October 19th

09.00 Men's Foil Cadet (U17)
09.00 Women's Foil Cadet (U17)
10.30 Mixed Foil Y10
10.30Mixed Foil Y12
12.00 Men's Foil Y14
12.00 Women's Foil Y14

13.00 Men's Saber Cadet (U17)
13.00 Women's Saber Cadet (U17)
14.00 Mixed Saber Y10
14.00 Mixed Saber Y12
15.00 Men's Saber Y14
15.00 Women's Saber Y14

Sunday, October 20th

09.00 Men's Epee Cadet (U17)
09.00 Women's Epee Cadet (U17)
10.30 Mixed Epee Y10
10.30 Mixed Epee Y12
12.00 Women's Epee Y14
12.00 Men's Epee Y14

Combat Light Sabre

02.00 for both categories

Officials List

Kristien Richardson
John Porter
Dmitriy Bogolyubov
Filbert Yung
Genevieve Bessette
Patrick Fournier
Brandon Villeneuve


Since it is Queen's University Homecoming there are not many rooms left in Kingston. There are however, rooms in Gananaoque just east of Kingston. The Ramada Provincial Inn just off the 401 Gananoque east still has about 35 rooms available at a very reasonable rate.

The Motel/Inn is located at:

846 King Street East Gananoque
613 382 2038

Preregistration opens on 09/09/2019.
Preregistration closes on 10/09/2019.