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San Diego Cup - Epee Youth #7 Apr 19, 2020
Official San Diego Cup Youth & Junior event. Sanctioned. Limited to the Y10, Y12, Y14 age groups. Medals are given to the top 3 athletes. Points for all SD Cup Youth events will accumulate over the season to name a season Champion.
San Diego Fencing Center: Escondido, CA
posted 08/27/2019
More Info
Events Scheduled:

Y10 Men's Epee
Y10 Women's Epee
Junior Men's Epee
Junior Women's Epee
Y12 Men's Epee
Y12 Women's Epee
Y14 Men's Epee
Y14 Women's Epee

If less than 5 fencers are registered for one event, they will be combined into a mixed event but with separated final results for San Diego Cup season point system.

Tournament Format:
Standard - Single round of pools, 100% promotion to single Direct elimination table.
There will be medals for the top three finishing fencers in each event.

Equipment Check:
Mask and glove checks will be done at the armory table. Gloves with holes, rips, tape or lose seams will not be approved.

Please help us run the events even smoother by volunteering. Fencers and supporters alike will benefit from learning the process from start to finish. This knowledge will assuredly give you a competitive edge.

If you'd like to be an official referee, timekeeper or floor judge for an event, please contact us as well.

Please bring proof of current USFA membership or register on-site.

Entry fee is $30 if pre-registered or $40 for walk-in. Pre-registration closes one week before the tournament. For walk-ins please bring check or cash. Mask checks are mandatory. Current USFA rules will be applied.

Foreign Fencers must have a Foreign Competitive membership with USA Fencing

Tiradores de otros paises pueden participar si tienen una Licencia Foreign Competitive con USA Fencing