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National Qualifiers - D2/3/Y14 Northeast Division Mar 21, 2020
Note: This tournament is open to members of the USFA Northeast Division only. Pre-registration Deadline: 7 days prior to the first day of the tournament (closes at midnight.) (For further details, see 'More Info' page.)
Concord Fencing Club: Concord, NH
posted 08/26/2019
More Info
Entry fee: $20 per event with pre-registration
Referees fee: $5 per event

Walk-in registration*: Double entry fee (2 x $20)=$40 plus referees fee.

Event format: One round of pools with 100% advancement to Direct Eliminations.

This tournament is a closed event - restricted to Northeast Division members only.

NOTE: There will be NO walk-in (same day) registrations for events that have fewer than 4 fencers pre-registered. Such events will not be contested. Fencers pre-registered before the deadline (see above) may qualify for such an uncontested event by paying the registration fee of $15 per event. Payments must be received by the host club, or by the Northeast Division Secretary, on or before the day of the event.

Contact CFC: 603-224-3560


If this event is cancelled by CFC, pre-registrants will be notified by email. A refund of pre-registration fees** may be obtained by emailing within five (5) business days.

If this event is held, refunds** for individual cancellations will NOT be issued unless requested by the close of preregistration. No exceptions will be made for inclement weather.


* Q: Will I be subject to a 'Walk-in' surcharge at CFC?
A: For all events hosted at CFC, preregistration must be completed by the deadline posted on FRED. Fencers who fail to complete preregistration will be subject to the 'Walk-in' surcharge of $10.
Q: When is my preregistration complete?
A: For Division events (Opens, Qualifiers, Division Championships), simply preregister on FRED. (Prepayment is optional.) For all other events hosted at CFC, prepayment is required as part of the preregistration process; preregistration is incomplete without prepayment. Incomplete preregistrations are clearly listed as such on the tournament's 'Who's Coming?' page.

** FRED processing fees will be subtracted from any refunds provided.