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CEFC Sabre Developmental Practice Tournament #2 Oct 12, 2019
Developmental Practice Tournament with Novice and Intermediate Categories, for Youth (8-12) and Senior (13+)
Cutting Edge Fencing Center: N. Richland Hills, TX
posted 08/22/2019
More Info
Cutting Edge Fencing Center is pleased to announce a series of special Developmental Practice Tournaments. During these practice tournaments, students will be divided into Novice (1 year of total fencing experience or less--including other weapons) and Intermediate (3 years of total fencing experience or less--including other weapons) categories with Youth (Birth Years 2007-2012) and Senior (2006 and earlier) age divisions. These are PRACTICE tournaments, not USA Fencing Sanctioned tournaments. Members of other clubs are welcome to take part.

IT'S NATIONAL PASTA DAY! All prizes will be related to our theme, so get ready to win oodles of noodles!

USA Fencing Membership is required (either competitive or non-competitive). Since we are limiting registrations for these practice tournaments, IT IS VITAL that you attend if you pre-register. We want to keep these practice tournaments small so we can give attention and advice to every fencer. It is acceptable for a Novice to also "fence up" into the Intermediate Division.

All tournaments will follow the same format (1 round of pools, 100% promotion to a single elimination DE bracket). Close of Check-in Times for all events will be as follows:

12:30 PM - Youth Novice (limit of 18 attendees)
2:30 PM - Senior Novice (limit of 18 attendees)
3:30 PM - Youth Intermediate (limit of 18 attendees)
5:00 PM - Senior Intermediate (limit of 18 attendees)

The purpose of the Novice level tournaments is to:
1. Demonstrate how to prepare for a tournament by signing up for a tournament on AskFRED
2. What to bring to a tournament
3. Introduce fencers and their families to basic tournament protocols such as: registration, the importance of warming up, saluting opponents and referees, keeping score on a pool sheet, how fencers get seeded for the Direct Elimination round, good sportsmanship (it's ok to be upset when you lose, but you must stay to the end and cheer for teammates), shaking hands during the awards ceremony, not using a flash while taking pictures, appropriate behavior: can parents cheer/clap for their fencer?
4. Teach basic right-of-way to fencers and their families
5. Show basic referee hand signals
6. Train new referees and bout committee

The purpose of the Intermediate level tournaments is to:
1. Reinforce and practice all of the information from the Novice level tournaments
2. Train new referees, armourers, and bout committee
3. Provide a bridge between bouting/competing at the club level to taking the risk of participating in more challenging competitions
4. Introduce fencers to multiple tournament series and points lists

A season-long points list will be kept for the Intermediate level events, and will utilize the RYC/RJCC points system where points for each place is determined by: ((# entries x place + 1) / # entries) x 100 points. The winner of each event, regardless of size of field, will earn 100 points.

The points list will utilize the top 4 finishes (with tiebreakers determined by top 5 and then top 6 finishes). Season ending prizes will be given to the top 3 placeholders.

Each event costs $20, payable at the door (preferably in cash).

For more information, please contact Jade Calvert at or call 817-428-5599.