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NEUSFA 6 Weapon Unclassified Sep 28, 2019 - Sep 29, 2019
Preregistration fee: $25; Walk in fee $50 after 9/25/19 Medals awarded to top 3(4) Events are limited to 42 entries.
Worcester Fencing Club: Worcester, MA
posted 08/16/2019
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Please be considerate of our neighbors and do not park in front of loading docks or garage doors, or in spaces marked for other tenants (including those marked "visitor". YOU WILL BE TOWED! There is additional parking available in the lot across the street.

Preregistration fee: $25; Walk in fee $50 after 9/25/19

Preregistration without payment is not considered a complete registration. If you do not complete your registration with payment you are considered a walk in and will be required to pay $50.

Medals awarded to top 3(4)

When men's and women's events are to start at the same time or within 30 minutes of each other, the meets may be combined at the discretion of the meet managers if either event has fewer than six entries. **PLEASE NOTE that the WF event on Saturday may move to Sunday and mixed with MF if entries are lower than 6.**

Events will be mixed if fewer than 6 preregistered competitors and cancelled if fewer than six when mixed.

If event is cancelled you will receive an email.

Events "D" and higher may be mixed when fewer than 10 fencers of either gender have registered.

Events Scheduled:
Unclassified Senior Women's Epee
Unclassified Senior Women's Foil
Unclassified Senior Women's Saber
Unclassified Senior Men's Epee
Unclassified Senior Men's Foil
Unclassified Senior Men's Saber

Preregistration opens on 08/16/2019.
Preregistration closes on 09/25/2019.

Unless otherwise stated, refunds will not be issued unless requested by the close of preregistration.