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FAP-NORTH D2 Epee Sep 7, 2019
FAP North is a facility with 7000sq feet of training space, 10 strips, changing rooms, lounge area and wifi. Close to Old York Rd for food and shopping. Pre registered entry is $40 at check in, walk-ins $50. CASH ONLY.
Fencing Academy of Philadelphia: Wyncote, PA
posted 08/08/2019
More Info
This is an official USFA-sanctioned event. Current USFA membership and full regulation uniform required.

Philadelphia division information at .

Doors open one hour before close of check-in. There are changing rooms but no showers

PARKING: there is free parking in lot behind building, enter from Glenside Avnue. We are Suite 201, Wyncote Commons, Building C.

FOOD Bring food and drink. The pizza place near the corner is open Saturday but not Sunday, although we are a short drive to many other food options. There are vending machines in the Rices Mill lobby.

The venue is handicap accessible via elevator or ground level entry from Rices Mill lobby.

RESTROOMS* are in the Rices Mill lobby and are locked, so you will need a key. PLEASE REMEMBER TO RETURN THE KEY.

If the registration is full, send the organizer an email with your phone and hours at which you can be contacted. You will be put on a waiting list and notified by email and/or telephone (only if you leave your number!) if space opens up. If you do not yet have an account with Fred, please create one, so that the organizer can add you manually.

We strongly discourage people from pre-registering and not showing up. If you are listed as pre-registered in the 24 hours before close of check-in and you do not show up, your name goes on a warning list. If you do so again you will not be able to pre-register for FAP events for the next calendar year.

If you pre-register and cannot show up, please remove your name from the pre-registration list as a courtesy to others who are fencing and organizers trying to run a quality event.

STARTING WITH THE2019-2020 SEASON, we are instituting a new policy of weeding out duplicate pre-registrations. One week before an event OR if a waiting list becomes necessary (whichever comes first), the organizers will check other area events to see if any of the fencers on our list are also pre-registered for other events.

If duplicate pre-registrations are found, the fencer(s) will receive an e-mail asking them to choose which event they will attend. The organizers will re-check the duplicates in 48 hours. If there are still duplicates, the fencer(s) will be removed from our pre-registration.

EVENT ORGANIZERS NEED TO HAVE A REASONABLY ACCURATE HEAD COUNT IN ORDER TO HIRE THE APPROPRIATE NUMBER OF REFEREES. If we under-hire, the fencers will have long waits and a bad experience. We are committed to providing a positive tournament experience so we don't want this to happen.