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MTFC Sharks and Minnows Foil and Epee Sep 7, 2019
Please join us for a Sharks and Minnows Foil and Epee Tournament Saturday, September 7 to celebrate World Fencing Day!
Metro Tacoma Fencing Club: Lakewood, WA
posted 08/04/2019
More Info
Please join us for an unsanctioned Sharks and Minnows Event. All fencers from all clubs welcome. Foil at 10.30 AM and Epee at 1 PM. Fencers are welcome to sign up for both.

A current 2019-2020 membership to the US Fencing Association (non-competitive membership is fine) is required for this event due to insurance and liability requirements.

------------------ Important Info -------------------

We are right next to Olympus Women's Health Club and across the street from H-Mart. Our address is 8629 S Tacoma Way Lakewood, WA 98499.

REGISTRATION CLOSES promptly at 10:30 AM for foil and 1 PM for Epee. Fencing will begin shortly thereafter.

ENTRY FEE: $15 if pre-registered on AskFred, $20 at the door. If you pre-register for both, cost is $25. You are already reading the information so just go up and click the "Preregister" button right now....

------------------ Tournament Rules -------------------

At least a non-competitive US Fencing Association (USFA) membership is necessary to participate due to liability requirements. These events are not rated, and you cannot get a classification change from this event. You cannot earn any national points. But maybe if you are good or lucky you can go next door to the boba shop. A responsible adult is expected to stay as long as a child is still participating in the tournament and is encouraged to help getting the child on and off the strip if needed (we will show you if needed).

You must wear long pants and shoes with covered toes. Don't even think about fencing in shorts or flip flops. That isn't going to happen 'cause it ain't safe.


We have equipment available to rent for $15 (MTFC Members no charge). If we are short on electric equipment you will need to share with other fencers who also borrow electric equipment.

This is a mixed gender, mixed age event. To spice things up and get more fencing in for everyone we will probably do a sharks-and-minnows format. In this format there is the usual first round of pools with seeded fencers separated. So each pool will have pretty experienced fencers mixed in with beginners. Those who do the best in the first round (the sharks) will be put together for the second round of pools. And everyone else (the minnows) will also have a second round among themselves. That way the sharks can beat each other up. And the minnows can have a more even chance to be the biggest guppy. At least the top two sharks will have a final bout as an exhibition and as motivation for our beginners. Maybe the top minnows can have a finals, too. As you can see, the tournament organizers can make things up as they go to try to get our kids the most fencing and best practice.

We have room for 30 total fencers in each event. You snooze, you lose. So just click the "Preregister" button right now. However, if we are full and some poor fencer cannot register because you signed up but knew you were not going to make it, we may "accidentally" erase your future registrations because of the whole karma thing (like for all of eternity). So please be kind to your fellow fencers and unregsiter (via the AskFRED e-mail) if you cannot make it. (And yes, we will take pity on you if you come down with some highly contagious disease the night before the event so do not make it even if you are registered.)

We will probably seed by classification then highest national rank then randomly in case you were wondering. Sort of weird because we will take your national rank (if you have one) regardless of age and gender group and combine it. But this is sort of what is done with the 50-59 year old group when the 49 year olds age out....