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Utah-Southern Idaho Divisional Qualifiers 2020 Feb 22, 2020
Date and location are set. Start times have been updated. Any event with three or fewer fencers will not need to be fenced. Divisional Cup epee, foil and saber events will also be held for all senior fencers.
Wasatch Fencing: Kaysville, UT
posted 08/03/2019
More Info
THERE ARE NO LATE ENTRIES FOR THE QUALIFIERS HELD AT THIS TOURNAMENT. PLEASE REGISTER NOW. SUMMER NATIONALS WILL BE HELD IN LOUISVILLE, Kentucky and if you fence in a qualifier you are working to qualify to fence in this event.

Divisional qualifier for summer nationals. This event will be run by the division. CLOSE OF REGISTRATION IS MIDNIGHT ON 02/13/2020. There are NO LATE ENTRIES for Divisional Qualifying Events. Start times posted after this date so please check back for actual end of check in times. Events with three or less fencers do not need to be fenced, for up to three fencers to qualify. Cost is $15 for first event, $10 for each additional events.

The annual membership meeting will be held at 4:00pm on Saturday. Officer elections and divisional business will be discussed. Nominations from the floor are welcomed. If you cannot attend the meeting and wish to vote in elections, please get your proxy to Angela Carrier at least three days prior. We hope to share information about upcoming events being held in Salt Lake City and ways for you to be involved.

Events Scheduled:
Y14 Women's Epee
Y14 Women's Foil
Y14 Women's Saber
Y14 Men's Epee
Y14 Men's Foil
Y14 Men's Saber
C & Under Senior Women's Epee
D & Under Senior Women's Epee
C & Under Senior Women's Foil
D & Under Senior Women's Foil
C & Under Senior Women's Saber
D & Under Senior Women's Saber
C & Under Senior Men's Epee
D & Under Senior Men's Epee
C & Under Senior Men's Foil
D & Under Senior Men's Foil
C & Under Senior Men's Saber
D & Under Senior Men's Saber
Senior Open Saber - Division-wide saber championships
Senior Open Epee - Division-wide epee championships
Senior Open Foil - Division-wide foil championships

Preregistration opens on 08/03/2019
Preregistration closes on 02/13/2020

Full competitive USFA uniform and competitive membership is required for all events held.