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FFA Turkey Tournament Youth Events Nov 9, 2019
We have put together The Turkey Tournament for our Youth Fencers to kick off our thanksgiving celebrations early with a great fencing tournament. $20.00 registration fee and 10.00 event fee! Top 4 receive credit towards future FFA events!
Fairfield: Fairfield , CT
posted 07/29/2019
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FRED Announces the Ed Vebell Fencing Classic
Ed Vebell competed in the 52 Olympics, making it to the semi-finals of the individual event and the quarter-finals of the team event. Prereg $25.00 registration fee and $10.00 event fee. +$10 to registration and event fees for onsite.
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Tournament: Ed Vebell Fencing Classic
Date(s): 10/05/2019
Location: Fairfield

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