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SoCal Scholastic Fencing League Team Epee/Saber Mar 8, 2020
Events are restricted by academic standing, not age. Events are open to Middle and High School teams. Each team member must bring school ID and proof of USFA membership.
Pasadena City College - Hutto-Patterson Gym: Pasadena, CA
posted 07/22/2019
More Info
The SoCal Scholastic Fencing League is hosting its Annual Epee Team and Saber Team Tournament. Middle Schools and High School are welcome to sign up their 3 to 4 member team representatives. Have your Coach or Team Captain sign up your team. Team Names will by your school name, unless it is a composite team. Teams will fence off for 1st through 3rd places.


Middle School: 6th grade to 8th grade

High School: 9th grade to 12th grade

Team Level Descriptions:

    Varsity A Team – Top 4 Fencers in High School. Each School can form one Varsity A Team. Essentially, this is your TOP 3-4 fencers.

    Varsity B Team – Junior or Senior (11th/12th grade) fencers with competition experience, but not Varsity A Level. Freshman and Sophomore fencers with more than 2 years experience are eligible. Schools can form as many Varsity B teams.

    Junior Varsity (JV) Team – For Freshman and Sophomore (9th /10th) Fencers with 1 to 2 years competitive experience or Juniors/Seniors with little competition experience. (Unrated fencers). Schools can form as many JV Teams.

    Middle School - For 6th to 8th grade fencers. Schools can for as many Middle School Teams.

Proof of USFA competitive membership and School ID is required upon check in. No exceptions. If your school does not issue a school ID, please bring proof of school enrollment, i.e. registration, letter from school stating grade, etc.

To purchase USFA Competitive Membership on-line, please use link below:

Sunday, March 8, 2020
Team Events Scheduled:

    8AM Women's High School Varsity B Team Saber** (Time Change)
    815AM Women's High School Junior Varsity Team Epee** (Time Change)
    830AM Women's High School Varsity A Team Epee** (Time Change)
    9AM Women's High School Varsity B Team Epee** (Time Change)
    9AM Men's High School Varsity B Team Epee** (Time Change)
    11AM Women's High School Varsity A Team Saber
    12PM Men's High School Varsity A Team Epee** (Time Change)
    12PM Men's High School Junior Varsity Team Epee
    12PM Men's High School Varsity A Team Saber
    12PM Men's High School Varsity B Team Saber
    1PM Women's Middle School Team Epee
    1PM Men's Middle School Team Epee
    2PM Women's Middle School Team Saber
    2PM Men's Middle School Team Saber

    Location: (New Location)

    Pasadena City College
    Hutto-Patterson Gym (Next to football field)
    1570 E. Colorado Blvd.
    Pasadena, CA 91106

    Parking is 2.00 for the day. Purchase them at the yellow parking permit machines. Accepts $1.00 bills.

    Campus Map:

    **Please be advised that the Southern California Division Summer National Qualifier and SoCal Open will also be held in the same venue**

League School Teams - must pay 90.00 late fee if not pre-registered on Askfred by MARCH 6, 2020

If your school does not have a fencing team or if your school is not part of the SoCal Scholastic Fencing League, you can still form a composite team for the corresponding school category. This would categorize your team as "Non-League" School Team.

Non-League School Team - Fee is $80.00 per team. If not pre-registered on Askfred by MARCH 6, 2020 – Late fee is 240.00 (Triple fees) if you sign up on the day of the event (No pre-registration).

League Schools are:
Brentwood School
Chaminade Middle School And High School
Harvard Westlake Middle School and High School
Lakeview Middle School (Victorville)
Le Lycee Francais
Central LA #9 (VAPA)
Oakwood High School
Victor Valley High School
Vistamar High School
Yeshiva University of Los Angeles

Reminder: Each school can send one Varsity A Team to compete. All fencers must have fenced in one SoCal Scholastic League individual event or SoCal Scholastic League novice event this season in order to participate in this Team Event.

Event Format - Teams will fence the best of Nine 5 point bouts.

A full fencing Jacket (FIE not required), a plastron, a glove, and fencing knickers. Socks must cover all the leg not covered by the knickers. Women's equipment must include breast protectors made of metal or rigid material inside the jacket. The appropriate glove, lame and mask for the weapon being fenced are required. Please wear shoes with "non-marking" or white soles to all competitions.

All saber fencers must use a USFA Fencing approved 800N FIE glove.

Mask and gloves will be inspected by the armorer. Weapons will be tested on the strip. You will not be allowed to fence with weapons that do not conform to USFA standards.

For more information on the SoCal Scholastic League, please check out our website at