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USF 8th Annual Oktoberfence Sep 21, 2019
USF North Gym: Tampa, FL
posted 06/05/2019
More Info

Hello fencers,
I have some important announcements.
First, we will not be holding our tournament in the normal venue. We
have always had our fencing tournament in the North Gym of the USF
Recreational Complex. The fencing tournament will still be in the same
facility, but in the East Gym instead. Signage will be posted by the
new and old entrances to make sure that people can find it. If you
arrive at the facility and cannot find the new venue, either ask the
staff in the lobby or call me at 352-254-0448. The next important
update is parking. Several participants in our summer tournament were
ticketed, something that has not happened previously. I spoke to
parking and transportation services regarding the matter. While they
actively ticket from 7:30-5:30 during the weekdays, USF has a policy
that appropriate parking passes are required 24/7. As a result if they
randomly decide to ticket for parking passes over the weekend they are well within
their rights to issue a parking citation. A daily visitor parking pass
can be purchased from the first link attached below. I was told they
cost around $5. If you park without a daily visitor parking pass
and/or in a parking lot which is not marked for D passes then you do
so at your own risk. Email me if you have any further questions

Nathan Arnold

12301 USF Maple Drive, Tampa, FL - Campus Rec Center

Directions: Take the Fowler Ave Exit (#265) on I-75, heading West. USF Sun Dome is on the right, after 50th street. The rec center is in the North West corner of the Sun Dome Parking Lot.

Events Scheduled:
Mixed Foil: Registration ends at 8:30am
Mixed Epee: Registration ends at 10:00am
Mixed Sabre: Registration ends at 12:00pm
Div2 Mixed Foil: Registration ends at 1:30pm
Div2 Mixed Epee: Registration ends at 2:45pm
Div3 Mixed Sabre: Registration ends 4:00pm

Register on
* We are now awarding swords to gold medalists in open events
* A's fence free! Sabre B’s fence free! No registration or event fee.
* $20 registration, $20 per event.
* Onsite registration is $30 registration and $25 per event.
* Events with less than six people will not be fenced