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TFA 2019-2020 Youth/Cadet Circuit #1 Oct 20, 2019
Tri-City Fencing Academy is hosting five Youth/Cadet Circuit Tournaments for the 2019-2020 season.
Pitt Meadows Heritage Hall: Pitt Meadows, BC
posted 05/12/2019
More Info
TFA 2019-2020 Youth/Cadet/Junior Circuit #1
October 20, 2019
Pitt Meadows Heritage Hall
12460 Harris Road, Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 2J5

Preregistration closes on October 17, 2019.

Tri-City Fencing Academy ( is hosting five Youth/Cadet Circuit Tournaments this season.

Events Scheduled:
Y8 Mens Foil - 9:30am
Y8 Womens Foil - 9:30am
Y10 Mens Foil - 12:30pm
Y10 Womens Foil - 12:30pm
Y12 Mens Epee - 3:30pm
Y12 Womens Epee - 3:30pm
Y12 Mens Foil - 3:30pm
Y12 Womens Foil - 3:30pm
Y12 Mens Sabre - 3:30pm
Y12 Womens Sabre - 3:30pm
Y14 Mens Epee - 9:30am
Y14 Womens Epee - 9:30am
Y14 Mens Foil - 9:30am
Y14 Womens Foil - 9:30am
Y14 Mens Sabre - 9:30am
Y14 Womens Sabre - 9:30am
Cadet Mens Epee - 12:30pm
Cadet Womens Epee - 12:30pm
Cadet Mens Foil - 12:30pm
Cadet Womens Foil - 12:30pm
Cadet Mens Sabre - 12:30pm
Cadet Womens Sabre - 12:30pm

Age Definitions:
Y8 = birth year 2011 or later
Y10 = birth year 2009 or later
Y12 = birth year 2007 or later
Y14 = birth year 2005 or later
Cadet = birth year 2003 or later

Tournament Structure:
All times are close of registration, fencing to commence immediately afterward.
Fencers may compete in only one event per session.
Y8 and Y10 event DE's will be a 10 point bout, of two 3 minute periods, with a 1 minute break at 5 hits (whichever comes first).
Y12, Y14, and Cadet event DE's will be a 15 point bout of three 3 minute periods.
Y8 events will use #0 weapons (TFA has some of these available).
Y10 events will use #2 weapons.
Y12, Y14, and Cadet events will use #5 weapons.
Y14 and Cadet events will require foil masks with bibs, head-wires and legal weapons.
Events require a minimum of 4 fencers to be run.
Events may be combined to fence mixed (boys and girls together) if there are not a minimum number of fencers of each gender.

Non-TFA Fencers:
These tournaments are part of TFA's training programs.
Non-TFA fencers should email the organizer to request registration.

Registered members of TFA's training programs pay a $20 entry fee per event.
Fencers from other clubs pay a $25 entry fee per event at registration.

Tournament Rules:
Some of the items mentioned below may seem obvious, but since we are dealing with kids at a public venue, safety is utmost.
All fencers will be required to:
* wear a fencing jacket, fencing pants with long socks, plastron, chest protector (must for girls), mask and a glove in good condition.
* wear sweats or track pants if they don't yet have proper fencing knickers, but NO JEANS OR SHORTS allowed.
* wear decent, well fitting NON-MARKING runners.
* wear proper-sized, tucked-in t-shirts to insure that there isn't any skin showing between jacket edges and pants.
* use well-maintained weapons in good operating condition.

CFF Licenses:
All participating fencers in Y12 and above events will be required to have their CFF license (or foreign equivalent) for liability reasons.
Licenses can be purchased at:

Fencing Equipment:
If kids have their own basic gear or can borrow some from their club, that's great.
We will have some basic equipment available to borrow like: masks, jackets, chest protectors, plastrons and gloves.
If kids do not have their own equipment we can lend gear for their use during the day, but there is no guarantee that they won't have to share sweaty stuff between them.
Electrical gear is always an issue, so anything that can be brought from other clubs will be great.
We will have some electrical gear available to borrow: foils, head-wires, body-wires and lames.

Contact Brad Kelly at 604-506-1356 or