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Everyone into the "pool." Foil, sabre, epee Apr 20, 2019
Now every Saturday 2:00 pm...everyone into the "pool" round robin tourney. $10. Free to WAY members. Big round robin tournament designed to give you more fencing..a lot more. We will
Way of the Sword Fencing Academy: Ridgefield , CT
posted 04/11/2019
More Info
This tourney is designed to bring more fencers together to practice by Way of the Sword. 2 pm start. Ample free parking, and a wonderful town to visit, shop and dine. Stick around and get your WAY.

Saturdays...everyone into the "pool" round robin tourney. $10 online only, please.
Use this link to enroll, you are NOT charged until the day of service.

No FRED pre-reg required but we happy if you do to let others know you are coming.

Big round robin tournament designed to give you more fencing..a lot more. We will break out pools by age and skill level.

You're invited to participate and compete in this unsanctioned informal round-robin format that has no limit on the number of participants in your pool.

Depending on the turnout we will structure each pool by age and skill level so as to maintain a level of competitiveness that both challenges and inspires students.

Strips will be maintained by volunteer refs and capable knowledgable fencers. USFA membership with the regulation uniform is required. Electrical gear should be in good working order but we will not be testing springs with weights.

Events Scheduled:
Mixed EpeeMixed FoilMixed Saber
Preregistration opens on 04/08/2019.
Preregistration closes on 04/20/2019.