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2019 North Texas Div. Summer National Qualifer Apr 28, 2019
This Qualifier in ONLY for North Texas Division fencers who have not already qualified for the USA Fencing's Summer National Championships. It is the fencer's responsibility to bring proof of membership and proof of birth year, where applicable.
Cutting Edge Fencing Center: North Richland Hills, TX
posted 03/10/2019
More Info
Tournament: 2019 North Texas Division Summer National Championships Qualifier
APRIL 28, 2019

Live Results Link:

Events being held:
Men and Women's Youth 14 Foil, Epee and Sabre.
Men and Women's Div. 2/3 Foil, Epee, and Sabre.


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***CEFC's New Location!***
Cutting Edge Fencing Center

7601 Boulevard 26, Suite 131
North Richland Hills, TX 76180

Y14 Women's Foil - 12:30 PM
C & Under Senior Women's Epee - 12:30 PM
C & Under Senior Men's Epee - 12:30 PM
Y14 Men's Foil - 1:00 PM
Y14 Men's Saber - 1:00 PM
Y14 Women's Saber - 1:30 PM
C & Under Senior Women's Foil -| 3:00 PM
C & Under Senior Men's Foil - 3:00 PM
C & Under Senior Men's Saber - 3:00 PM
Y14 Women's Epee - 3:30 PM
Y14 Men's Epee- 3:30 PM
C & Under Senior Women's Saber - 3:30 PM

**As the number of qualifier entries is unpredictable, fencers should expect adjustments (delays) in event start times according to strip and referee availability.THIS DOES NOT ALTER THE CLOSE OF REGISTRATION TIME.**

  • Youth 14 / 2004-2007
  • Div 2/3 / 2005 or earlier (eg 2004)

Eligibility for events is determined by BIRTH YEAR, not age at time of participation. This tournament's events use birth year eligibility for the 2018-2019 season.
If you are not eligible by BIRTH YEAR, but have NATIONAL POINTS for the age group one younger than the event you want to enter, you are eligible to fence in that age group. For example, if you are born in 2008, you may only enter Y14 if you are on the Y12 National Points List for the same weapon.
NOTE: At this time, askfred will not let you register and pay for an event for which you are not age eligible. If you are eligible to fence in an event by virtue of being on the NRPS in a lower age category, please contact the organizers for additional registration information.

Preregistration opens on 03/28/2019.
Regular registration and online payment ends on 04/24/2019 at midnight, central time.

Registration: $25
Event: $15
Late Fee: After 4/24/19, an additional $150 late fee will be incurred.

Payment is required to complete registration.
If a fencer misses a payment deadline they will be required to pay the next higher fee schedule. No Exceptions.
Checks should be made payable to North Texas Division. If paying at the door with cash, exact change is required. No Credit/Debit Cards.

REFUND POLICY: Refund requests must be made prior to midnight, 04/23/2019. The registration fee is not refundable. The event fee will be refunded less FRED fees and postage. No refunds will be issued for event no-shows. Refunds will be processed within 3 weeks after the tournament. The NTX Division follows the refund policy of the USFA.

If a fencer meets the classification requirement when his or her application is processed by the Division, and subsequently earns a higher classification, the fencer retains eligibility for that tournament.

FENCE OFF FOR THIRD: If there are more than three fencers, but fewer than 13, third place must be fenced. Where there are 13 or more fencers in the final results, third place does not have to be fenced.

We will not fence an event if 3 or fewer fencers are signed up as all three will qualify. Fencers will be listed as DNF (did not fence).
Per USFA guidelines, to qualify you must still pay registration and event fees and be present at the tournament.

Waiver of Liability
The North Texas Division Waiver of Liability is required to be filled out and signed (by parent or guardian, not a coach). It can be downloaded at:

FORMAT: Event format is one round of qualifying pools and 100% to direct eliminations. Initial seeding will be by classification and year, then randomly.

Standard fencing uniforms without any rips, tears, or holes are required. Warm-up pants are not allowed on strip.
Names on uniforms are not required.
Fencing glove must cover half of the forearm with no rips or holes.
Standard fencing plastron (underarm protector) is required; women must wear chest protector.
Mask must pass a 12K punch test. Elastic strap at back of mask is required.
Cords, lames, and masks are subject to standard electrical resistance checks. At least two working body cords, mask cords, and 2 working weapons are required.

USFA Membership
Fencers must be a USFA or FIE Member. Proof of membership is required. Pre-registered fencers will receive membership status information via askFRED email using most current USFA membership data. Fencers/Parents, please ensure YOUR email and not your coach's email is in the Askfred database. Age status will be checked against USFA membership data - bring proof of age if there are discrepancies. While fencers are encouraged to get memberships directly through the USFA prior to the competition, completed USFA membership forms will be accepted at the door. If you do not have proof of membership, you will be required to complete and pay for a membership. Payment for memberships is made directly to the USFA (NO CASH!); bring separate check or credit card number (preferred) for membership. Fencers under 18 years old are reminded they need the signature of a parent or guardian (not a coach) on BOTH the membership and waiver forms.

Thanks for using FRED! Any problems, try

Thanks for playing!

Preregistration opens on 03/28/2019.
Preregistration closes on 04/24/2019.