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Age Ineligible but have points 2019 May 3, 2019 - May 5, 2019
This is NOT the official 2019 Mission SYC. It's to allow those fencers that are NOT AGE eligible, but have the pre-requisite national points, to pay. If you are age eligible please go to:
Mission Fencing Center: Rocky Point, NY
posted 02/27/2019
More Info
This is NOT the official 2018 Mission SYC. This site is set up specifically to allow those fencers that are not age eligible but are eligible due to national points to pay for the events they are age ineligible for.

This site will be checked periodically (approximately once a week) and after verification registrants will be moved to the official site and an email will be sent.

If you are ineligible for any event please register for all events here so that you don't pay two registration fees.

All tournament information can be found at the official site:


All registration rules such as dates and costs are enforced the same as the official site.

All registrants point eligibility will be individually verified before being moved to the official site.

Anyone that is age eligible should sign up on the official 2019 Mission SYC registration: