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Meadowridge Open 2019 May 25, 2019 - May 26, 2019
We are delighted to announce the 7th annual Open hosted at Meadowridge School in Maple Ridge, BC. We are running a variety of events in age groups Y10 to Senior. This is a BCFA sanctioned tournament.
Meadowridge School: Maple Ridge, BC
posted 02/25/2019
More Info
This year's Meadowridge Open will be held on May 25-26, 2019.

About the Host
Meadowridge School started its fencing club in 2009, has introduced over 300 students to fencing, and has experience levels ranging from beginners to Canada Cup medalists.

The venue is the sports hall at the School, comprising a large gymnasium with bleacher seating for spectators. There is parking on premises (please observe on-site signage and rules for safe parking and driving).
Meadowridge School
12224 240th Street
Maple Ridge B.C.
V4R 1N1

As a BCFA sanctioned event, all participants must have current BCFA membership (or for out of Province, CFF or USFA equivalent memberships). All fencers should pre-register on askFRED. All fencers must register by the specified event times in order to compete on the day.
BCFA Membership may be obtained via a link on the BCFA web site:

Age Groups
Y10 = birth year 2008 or later
Y12 = birth year 2006 or later
Y14 = birth year 2004 or later
Cadet = birth year of 2002 or later

With the support of the BCFA as a sanctioned event, the arena will be laid out with electric strips, supporting a 3-weapon range. Events with sufficient (6) participants of each gender will be run separately, or merged as appropriate. Information relating to event mergers or adjustment to start times will be distributed via askFRED email in advance of competition day.
The times shown are final closure of registration, with fencing to commence immediately afterwards.
Fencers may compete in multiple events.

Y10 Epee Sun 12:30 PM
Y10 Foil Sat 9:30 AM
Y10 Saber Sat 9:30 AM
Y12 Epee Sat 1:00 PM
Y12 Foil Sat 2:30 PM
Y12 Saber Sat 3:30 PM
Y14 Foil Sun 11:30 AM
Y14 Saber Sun 9:00 AM
Cadet Epee Sat 9:30 AM
Cadet Foil Sun 1:30 PM
Cadet Saber Sun 11:00 AM
Senior Epee Sat 1:30 PM
Senior Foil Sun 9:00 AM
Senior Saber Sun 1:30 PM

We anticipate the tournament finishing around Sat 18:00, Sun 16:30.

Entry fees will be Cdn $20 per event for those who pre-register, rising to $25 for entries on the day. Size is limited, so on-the-day additional event entries will be at organizer discretion.

Tournament Rules
As always, safety is the priority: conventions and protocols customary in the sport for safe and orderly participation, refereeing and spectating shall be observed by all, please refer to the CFF and FIE for full background. The events will be operated with a seeding round followed by direct elimination knock-out to the final.

Clothing and Equipment
All fencers will be required to wear full fencing uniforms in good condition, and use well-maintained weapons in good operating condition. Size 2 weapons will be required for Y10. Jacket and fencing pants must be labeled 350N (CE level 1) or better, and a sous plastron is mandatory. Masks will be inspected on registration.

A Waiver of Liability Form must be signed by all participants and their legal guardians prior to the competition. Please try to bring a signed copy of the following with you, to save time at registration.

Please use the "email the organizer" link on askFRED, or contact Gareth Mason at