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6th Annual Fence Fest Open Apr 13, 2019
$20 first event, $10 extra for each additional event. USFA Membership reqd. Visitors require a signed Assumption of Risk form. See "More Info". U16 does not require USFA membership.
Ping Center, Ohio University: Athens, OH
posted 02/11/2019
More Info
Visiting Assumption of Risk Form!
All visitors will need to sign an Ohio University Club Sports Assumption of Risk Form. Anyone under 18 needs this signed by their parents! The form can be found at

If you do not have the form signed by a parent and are under 18, the facility will not allow you to fence.

Anyone 18 or older can sign the form on the day of the tournament.

PARKING: Please note that all metered spots are checked 24/7. Check signs, but the rest of the spaces in the lots near Ping and the surrounding region are free on weekends. A parking map can be found at
Lots 86, 88, 93 are all reasonably close. Lots 90, 133, and 134 are a little further away but still good options.

The Senior Events are USFA sanctioned tournament. USFA membership is required as well as the standard fencing uniform (plastrons required, knickers required, FIE gloves for Sabre are required as of October 2015).

The U16 event is not a sanctioned event. Long pants and closed toed shoes required if knickers and socks are not available.

$20 first event, $10 extra for each additional event.
The event will be held in the Ping Center, across from the stadium. Parking should be available in the Ping Center parking lot. The Ping Center is Building 140 on the
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Events Scheduled:
U16 Mixed Epee
Senior Mixed Epee
Senior Mixed Foil
Senior Mixed Saber