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2019 Pirate Olympics Apr 13, 2019
Come join us for the 12th Pirate Olympics held in historic Charleston! This event will host open and youth events, and an optional one touch knockout event between pools and DE's. Pirate loot as well as trophies will be awarded to top 4 in all events!
Bees Landing Rec Center: Charleston, SC
posted 02/09/2019
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Events Scheduled:
Mixed Epee
Mixed One touch event Epee
Y12 Mixed Unsanctioned Foil
Y14 Mixed Unsanctioned Epee

Preregistration opens on 02/09/2019.
Preregistration closes on 04/12/2019.

Come join us for the 2019 Pirate Olympics in Charleston, SC featuring an Open Epee as well as youth events in Foil and Epee, and a one touch knockout Epee event. The cost of the Open Epee will be $20, youth events will be $15, and the One Touch will be free with entry to either Epee events. Any fencers participating in both Y14 and Open Epee will pay $30 for entry.

The Open Epee will be run by the guidelines set by USA Fencing. Including the most recent changes made to penalties regarding passivity. The Althletes Handbook can be found here:

Both youth events will require the use of all protective fencing gear as well as the use of long pants. Fencing knickers and long socks are not a requirement, though shorts will not be permitted.

The One Touch Epee event will take place in between pools and DE matches during the Open Epee event. Opponents will be chosen at random and fencers will be expected to conduct there bouts on the honor system. If any fencer foresees an issue with this, we would like to remind you that the One Touch event is not mandatory and just for fun!

Prizes will be awarded to the top 4 finishers in all events and the Champion of the Open Epee will be immortalized along with former champions as far back as 1998 on the Pirates plaque!

Thank you for your continued support of fencing in the Lowcountry!