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5th Annual Hurry Up Spring Mar 2, 2019
---------- EVENT SCHEDULE AND INFORMATION ---------- Saturday March 2, 2019 Mixed Foil 10:00am * This tournament is $10 * This is a non-USFA fencing tournament. * Registration closes at 10:00am on
UND Hyslop Sports Center: Grand Forks, ND
posted 02/05/2019
More Info

Saturday March 2, 2019
Mixed Foil 10:00am

* This tournament is $10
* This is a non-USFA fencing tournament.
* Registration closes at 10:00am on Saturday March 2, 2019

Events Scheduled:
Mixed Foil
Preregistration opens on 02/5/2019.
Preregistration closes on 03/1/2019.

* Please arrive no later than 9:30am, so that you can:

1. check in
2. sign a waiver
3. get your mask checked
4. warm up
5. begin shortly after 10:00am

* This fencing tournament is sponsored by the North Dakota Fencing Association, and is hosted by the UND Fencing Club in Grand Forks, ND.
* A waiver must be signed by all participants during check-in.
* All events will be fenced as a single round of pools with 100% promoted to direct-elimination.
* There will be no fence-off for third place.
* We will be running on a strict schedule, so your promptness is much appreciated.
* This fencing event is open to everyone, and no membership of any kind is required.
* This event is meant to bring fencers together for a fun introduction to competitive, electric foil fencing.

---------- VENUE INFORMATION ----------

The tournament will be held at:

University of North Dakota Hyslop Sports Center, Room 209
2751 2nd Avenue North, Grand Forks, ND 58203

* Park in the parking garage to the North of the Hyslop Sports Center or for free, park on the East side of Hyslop in the spots that face Columbia Drive, do not park in the metered or reserved spots.

---------- REGISTRATION INFORMATION ----------

* This tournament is $10
* Preregistration for this event on askFRED is appreciated but not required.
* You can preregister for this event by clicking on the link above.
* Or you can register for the event on site that day.

---------- TOURNAMENT RULES ----------

* This is a non-USFA fencing tournament.
* Fencing uniform is required, including regulation mask, jacket, lame, glove, and non-marking shoes.
* MASKS: A mask with a lame bib is NOT required.
* MASKS: Fencers may wear masks that have a lame bib, but they may not use tape to cover the conductive part of the bib (for safety reasons).
* MASKS: A Leon Paul Contour Fit Plus mask with a fully-functional horizontal back elastic strap does NOT also need to have a horizontal non-elastic strap at this time.
* LAMES: Names and countries are NOT required on the backs of lames.
* Bouts will be self-refereed (i.e. experienced fencers who are not fencing at the time, and who are comfortable with refereeing may referee bouts).

---------- PRIZES----------

* Medals will be awarded to the top 4 finalists in both of two separate divisions.

---------- EQUIPMENT CHECK ----------

* Please arrive early to allow time for equipment checks.
* Mask inspections and punch tests will be conducted during check-in.

---------- FOR MORE INFORMATION ----------

* Please contact Clay Willoughby . 218 791-0 9 8 9 . claywilloughby@gmail(dot)com
* UND Fencing Club
* The North Dakota Fencing Association is a non-profit organization.
* The mission of the North Dakota Fencing Association is to support and promote the art and sport of fencing in North Dakota.