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Blues Challenge Feb 24, 2019
University of Toronto, Athletic Centre: Toronto, ON
posted 01/28/2019
More Info
NOTE: We’ve had a change to access hours for the facilities, so the earliest time that you can access is at 8:30am, through the Classic Avenue doors (south side, opposite of the Harbord Street doors).

Events Scheduled:
Youth Mixed Sabre
Youth Men's/Women's Foil
Cadet (U17) Men's/Women's Sabre *CANCELLED*
Junior (U20) Men's/Women's Sabre
Senior Men's/Women's Sabre
Veteran Mixed Sabre *CANCELLED*
Veteran Mixed Foil

Preregistration opens on 01/28/2019.
Preregistration closes on 02/15/2019.(REVISED: February 20, 2019)

ENTRY FEES if pre-register online by February 15, 2019 (REVISED: February 20, 2019):


Pre-registration for individual events closes on (REVISED: February 20, 2019), at midnight and is only accepted on AskFred.

For late pre-registrations, add $20 to each entry fee.
For onsite registrations, add $30 to each entry fee.

All fees are to be paid at the door, with CASH. DEBIT/CREDIT CARDS will also be accepted.

All participants must be currently licensed CFF/OFA members.

CLOSE OF CHECK-IN (20 MIN before START) REVISED as of Feb 21, 2019
9:10 AM: U15MF, U15WF (9:30 AM START)
9:25 AM: JMS, JWS (9:45 AM START)
11:10 PM: VMxF (11:30 AM START)
12:40 PM: U15MxS, SWS, SMS (1:00 PM START)

Note that check-in times may be modified after the pre-registration period if needed to avoid long delays due to significantly different numbers than projected. Please be assured to re-check the website 48 hours prior to the date of competition.

Competitors must be 13+ to register for the Open category, in accordance with CFF competition age categories. However, due to scheduling conflict, those who qualify for both may only register in one category, either Youth or Open, not both. All other categories may register in multiple events, as they will be de-conflicted for your participation (i.e. Cadets can register for Senior; Youth can also register in Cadets).

This competition is being run in accordance with CFF rules and regulations, except where otherwise modified and posted at the discretion of the Directoire Technique.

1. For all categories, the women’s event will be held separately if there are more than 5 fencers; otherwise, the events will be mixed with an additional separate DE table for women.
2. One round of pools, followed by direct elimination. Where feasible by time and numbers, a second round of pools may be added, on the discretion of the DT, but will be announced before the start of the first round.
3. There are no cuts for any events.