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Oregon Division 2019 JO Qualifiers Dec 8, 2018 - Dec 9, 2018
The 2019 Oregon Division JO Qualifiers will be held in conjunction with the Div2/Vet ROC 12/8-9/2018. See more info page for details.
Northwest Fencing Center: Beaverton, OR
posted 11/17/2018
More Info
The 2019 Oregon Division JO Qualifiers will be held in conjunction with the Div2/Vet ROC 12/8-9/2018. See more info page for details.
Events Scheduled:
Cadet (U17) Women's EpeeCadet (U17) Women's FoilCadet (U17) Women's SaberCadet (U17) Men's EpeeCadet (U17) Men's FoilCadet (U17) Men's SaberJunior (U20) Women's EpeeJunior (U20) Women's FoilJunior (U20) Women's SaberJunior (U20) Men's EpeeJunior (U20) Men's FoilJunior (U20) Men's Saber
Preregistration opens on 11/17/2018.
Preregistration closes on 12/05/2018.

Come to the Oregon Division Qualifying Tournament for the 2019 Junior Olympic Championships. Only fencers that are not already pre-qualified for the Junior Olympics should attend. All Fees paid at the door in cash or check.

Fees Are $30 per event if preregistered on AskFred by 12/05/2017. Registrations received after that date and walk-ins will be charged $60 per event.

Click on the "Who's Coming" button to see a complete list of events and the close of registration time for each.

Preregistration opens on 11/17/2017.
Preregistration closes on 12/05/2017.

The Junior Olympic Fencing Championships are held each year in February during the President�s holiday weekend. Fencers who want to fence at JOs must qualify at this event unless they have national points. More information about JO's can be found here:

Cadet events are open to fencers born in 2002-2005.
Junior events are open to fencers born in 2000-2005.

� All competitors must be current (2018-2019) members of the USFA and must be members of the Oregon Division; fencers from other divisions are not eligible to compete. Permanent residents who have not represented another country in the last three years may participate.
� The athlete's birth year falls in that age bracket OR on the national rolling point standings in the next younger age bracket. For clarification, go to to the Athlete's Handbook.

A fencer must be on the National Rolling Point Standings (NRPS), or attend the Qualifier and place in the appropriate place or percentage for each event they wish to compete in.

In each event, the top 25% (rounded up) will qualify for JOs, with a minimum of 3. If 3 or fewer fencers show up for an event, the event will not be fenced and all will qualify. Fencers that earn qualification at the Junior events will automatically qualify for the corresponding Cadet event (if age-eligible.)

Registration fees are non-refundable, but the per-event fees will not be charged if an event is not fenced.

You may join or renew your membership at the door, or online at If you join/renew online, please bring a copy of your membership receipt as proof of membership. One-day memberships are not valid for this tournament.

Full USFA regulation uniform is required, including plastron, knickers, and knee-length socks. No jeans or sweatpants allowed. Names on the uniform are not required for the qualifier.

Each fencer will be required to have two working electric weapons (foil, epee, or saber, as appropriate), and two working body cords. Please make sure your mask, body cords, weapons, and lames are in good working order prior to the event, as all equipment must pass inspection in order to fence. Weapons are checked on the strip. Foil events use a conductive mask.

The USFA Board of Directors has adopted the USFA SafeSport policy, which outlines requirements for all individuals who have frequent contact with minors. This includes coaches, referees, division officers, bout committee members, etc. Feel free to contact any of the Division Officers if you have questions.

Come support our kids, families, and sport and eat with us! And thank you for signing up for this event!

---------- Venue Information ----------

The event will be held at Northwest Fencing Center 4950 SW Western Ave Beaverton OR 97005. This event is being held and sanctioned by the Oregon Division of US Fencing.