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Snickerdoodles Open Dec 29, 2018
What a better way to say goodbye to 2018, but with fencing! In fact, we'll do it with our traditional in-house two-events-in-one contest: the open fencing tournament, and the snickerdoodles (our favorite holiday cookie) bakeoff.
Delta Fencing Center: Stockton, CA
posted 10/29/2018
More Info
This is our traditional club holiday event, consisting of an open-open fencing tournament (any age, any rating), and a judged competition in making our favorite holiday cookie - SNICKERDOODLES!

The event is limited to our current members and alumni, and to our friends who train at other clubs (you know if you are one; if you are not sure, drop us a note).

The fencing tournament is not sanctioned. Everyone is invited to compete. This is our in-club event, but all of our friends with home base in other clubs are welcome.

Fencing starts at noon. We'll be there at 11:30 in case you'd like to warm up a bit first.

Finals in both senior and junior events are fenced with mask lights, very much like the finals of the World Championships and the Olympic Games!

Club's fencing equipment - jackets, masks, gloves, and epees - is available to all, at no charge.

We'll give holiday-appropriate prize (who said "gift card to a chocolate factory"?) for the best senior, and the best youth performance.

Your inner baker is challenged to a home-made snickerdoodles judged competition. If you bring snickerdoodles, limit one entry per family, please. Bring 3-5 for judging, and some for others to taste.

The winner gets prestigious title "Delta Fencing cookie master" for 2019, and a highly-sought responsibility to preside over the next years bake-off. It is club's favorite holiday cookie, after all.

Events Scheduled:

Senior epee: men and women, 13-and-above
Youth-under-12 epee: boys and girls, 12-and-younger

Event fees:

Fencing event only: $30
Fencing event, with snickerdoodles entry: $15 (hopefully this encourages you in case you were questioning your inner baker)
There is additional $10 fee for those not currently signed up (not attending trainings & classes in December)

Preregistration is open until the end of the day on Wednesday, Dec 26 2018.