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Houston Sword Sports Eureka Heights Invitational Dec 16, 2018
We've found another beer tournament! Join us for the first Houston Swords Sports Eureka Heights Invitational. 21 and up only, fence all 3 weapons and earn beer prizes! Events Scheduled: 10:30am - 21+ Epee 12:00pm - 21+ Foil 1:30pm - 21+ Saber
Eureka Heights Brewery: Houston, TX
posted 10/18/2018
More Info
The Houston Sword Sports Eureka Heights Invitational is a three-weapon tournament to be held at the Eureka Heights Brew Co in Houston, TX. One beer included with each registration. Additional beers for prizes.

Events Scheduled:
10:30 AM - 21 & Over Mixed Epee
12:00 PM - 21 & Over Mixed Foil
1:30 PM - 21 & Over Mixed Saber

Registration fee: $20
Event fee: $15

FENCERS: Each event is capped at 24. You may enter as many events as you like. All fencers must be at least 21 years old and members (competitive or non-competitive) of USA Fencing.

FREE BEER: Each entrant will receive one beer token with paid registration. You will have to wait until you are eliminated from all events before you can begin to partake, though.

GUESTS: Non-fencing guests can buy the beer of their choice directly from the bar (opens at noon). The venue will be open to the public all day, so it's a chance for us to show off our skills to an outside audience! There will also be food trucks to help you maintain energy and (later) absorb alcohol.

PRIZES: First place in each event wins three crowlers (growler-sized cans) of their choice of beer, second place wins two, and third place finishers win one. The best overall three-weapon result also wins three crowlers.

VENUE: Eureka Heights Brew Co ( is a large warehouse with a taproom, beer-making, and a events area. We'll be in the events area. The brewery is not air-conditioned but is protected from sun and rain.

UNSANCTIONED: Due to the age restrictions, this will not be a sanctioned US Fencing event and no letter classifications will be awarded.

Preregistration opens on 10/18/2018.
Preregistration closes on 12/13/2018.