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NC Junior Olympic Qualifers Dec 8, 2018 - Dec 9, 2018
Junior Olympic Qualifiers for the NC Division! Preregistration: $10 Registration fee, $35 event fee. At the door: $20 Registration fee, $70 Event fee. Registration closes 12/2/2018. Division Meeting at 12:30pm on 12/8.
Research Triangle Academy: Durham, NC
posted 10/17/2018
More Info
Junior Olympic Qualifiers for the NC Division! Preregistration closes 12/02/18. Come support youth fencing in North Carolina! Preregistration: $10 Registration fee, $35 event fee. At the door: $20 Registration fee, $70 Event fee.

During the Division Meeting on Saturday, there will be a break in the fencing. This break is to allow those who wish to attend the meeting to do so. Those who do not wish to attend the meeting may find this a good opportunity to obtain lunch before the fencing resumes after the meeting.

For fencers who are auto-qualified for an event AND preregistered before the deadline, there will be no entry fee.

Events Scheduled:

Saturday, December 8 -
JME - 8am
JMF - 9:30am
JWF - 11am
Division Meeting - 12:30pm
JMS - 1:30pm
JWE - 2pm
JWS - 3:30pm

Sunday, December 9 -
CME - 8am
CMF - 9:30am
CWF - 11am
CMS - 12:30pm
CWE - 2pm
CWS - 3:30pm

Times are close of registration. Registration opens one hour before close of registration. Events will be fenced as soon after the close of registration as possible. Events starting within 40 minutes of the close of registration are considered to be running "on-time".

If registration numbers are still small on the evening of November 30th, we will make a change to a single-day tournament. If this change occurs, our host facility may change also. An email will be sent on December 1st informing registrants of whether or not this change will be made. That information will also be updated on this page.

Fencers are required to have:
Full fencing uniform (Mask, jacket, glove, plastron, knickers, long socks, breast protection for women)
Lame (Foil or saber)
Glove (all weapons- Saber gloves must be 800N FIE)
Cuff (Saber)(if needed)
2 weapons
2 body cords
2 mask cords (Foil or saber)
Mask must be the correct mask for the weapon fenced.
Uniforms do not require the athletes name.

Armorers will be checking masks, lames, gloves, cuffs (Saber)(if needed), body cords, and mask cords.

This is an age-restricted event. Please remember to bring a valid proof of Date of Birth (state-issued identification, birth certificate, passport, etc.) or a USA fencing membership card that shows the athlete's date of birth has been verified by the national office. Athletes cannot compete without this information being verified.

Preregistration opens on 10/17/2018.
Preregistration closes on 12/02/2018.