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MTFC Senior Mixed Foil - Zoe's Home! Oct 17, 2018
Come fence with us Wednesday Night! Zoe is home from Vassar for a visit.
Metro Tacoma Fencing Club: Lakewood, WA
posted 09/25/2018
More Info
Come fence with us Wednesday evening at a Senior mixed foil tournament. You must be born 2005 or before. US Fencing Association membership required.

Events Scheduled:
Senior Mixed Foil

------------------ Important Info -------------------

Tournament: MTFC Senior Mixed Foil
Date: October 17, 2018
Close of Registration: 7 PM
Location: Metro Tacoma Fencing Club, Lakewood, WA

We are physically located at 8629 S Tacoma Way Lakewood, WA 98499, right next to the Olympus Spa and across the street from H Mart. There are a number of food options near our club.

REGISTRATION CLOSES promptly at 7 fPM. Fencing will begin shortly thereafter.

ENTRY FEE: $20 per fencer.

RENTAL GEAR: A limited supply of very old and unreliable electric equipment will be available for rent at the event, but it is all club gear and you take your chances with it. We will charge you $20 to use it for the event which seems really expensive for what you are getting. And if it fails on the strip you will get carded. So perhaps it is time to invest in some of your own gear.

------------------ Tournament Rules -------------------

This is a fully sanctioned USFA event. All fencers must be current competitive members of the USFA for the 2018-2019 season. Please bring in proof of membership to speed up check-in. You cannot fence without a USFA membership. Go to to join.

Full USFA regulation uniform is required including plastron (underarm protector), knickers, and knee-length socks. No jeans or sweatpants allowed. A foil mask with conductive bib and mask cord are required. Foil fencers who wear a hard plastic chest protector must use the new FIE-approved padded protector. Chest protectors are still required for female fencers, optional for male fencers. Names are not required on your uniform, but if you have your name on your uniform you will look extra awesome.

FORMAT: One round of pools followed by direct eliminations. There will be 100% promotion to direct eliminations.

AGE ELIGIBILITY: This tournament is open to fencers born in 2005 or earlier