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Central Coast E Foil Nov 3, 2018
Sanctioned E & Under foil tournament in Los Olivos
Dunn School: Los Olivos, CA
posted 09/14/2018
More Info
Join us for a foil tournament for fencers rated E and lower.

Entry Fee:
- Possible $5 discount! (see below)

- $15 with pre-registration
- $20 without pre-registration

*** Discount Offer! ***

Get $5 off your entry fee with proof of pre-order of Walter's upcoming novel, BREACH.


The tournament organizer has a novel coming out from Penguin Random House on November 6. BREACH is half spy thriller / half fantasy novel, set in Cold War Berlin in a world where magic is real. It is a fun, PG-13 adventure story full of spies and magicians. And it makes a great Christmas gift!

If you pre-order online and bring proof (email, screenshot, etc.) you'll get $5 off your tournament entry. Offer is good for paperback, e-book, or audiobook version.

Pre-order here:

More info on BREACH here:

Pre-registration closes on November 1. Don't wait until the last minute to pre-register.


You'll see a sign from 154 for Dunn at Santa Ynez Street. Just off the highway you'll see a road going straight and one to the left. Take the road straight until you get to a closed gate and then turn left along the fence. You'll pass the gym and then see a parking lot on the left. The gym is the metal structure across from the pool.