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Pre-Xmas Epee Clash 2018 - CFF sanctioned events Nov 24, 2018 - Nov 25, 2018
Don't forget to print off the entry/waiver form. Make sure it is signed before coming to the venue.
Beairsto Elementary School: Vernon, BC
posted 09/10/2018
More Info
2018 Pre-Christmas Epee Clash
November 24th and 25th, 2018
Beairsto Elementary Gym, 3302 27th St., Vernon, B.C.
Telephone: _______________________________________________
CFF or USFA no. _________________ *** No athlete will be allowed to fence without 201-2019 BCFA/CFF or USFA membership
Youth-10 -- Born 2008-2011
Youth-12 -- Born 2006-2009
Youth-14 – Born 2004-2007
Cadet-- Born 2002-2005
Verteran 40+
Please check all the events you wish to enter: (Sanctioned events will be sanctioned if there are 6 athletes)
__ Y10 Boys Epee
__ Y10 Girls Epee
__ Y12 Boys Epee
__ Y12 Girls Epee
__ Y14 Boys Epee
__ Y14 Girls Epee
__ Cadet Boys Epee (sanctioned CFF)
__ Cadet Girls Epee (sanctioned CFF)
__ Open Men Epee (sanctioned CFF)
__ Open Women Epee (sanctioned CFF)
__ Veteran Mixed Epee (sanctioned CFF)
First event per athlete $25. Every subsequent event $15 per person.
Please make cheques payable to Beairsto Elementary School.
Fees due before start of events.
WAIVER OF LIABILITY I understand that by signing this form, I am waiving my rights to claim damage against
the people and organizations described below, and that I participate in fencing tournaments at my own risk, and I
accept full responsibility for my own safety.
* In consideration of permission to participate in fencing tournaments in Canada, I forever release the Canadian
Fencing Federation, British Columbia Fencing Association, School District No. 22, and the tournament organizers,
officials, and volunteers, from any claims and demands whatsoever which I now have or may have or which may be exercised against any or all of them for any injury or loss to my person or property, regardless of fault arising in any
way out of my participation in a fencing tournament.
* Without limiting the above, I understand that the Canadian Fencing Federation Rules and Regulations require me
to wear complete regulation fencing clothing (mask, protective jacket and breeches, plastron, and gauntlet) at all
stages of any tournament.
Name of fencer: ________________________
Signature of Fencer:______________________(or guardian if fencer is under 18)
Anyone who is coming from out of town we have a great motel called the Schell Motel for you
to stay at. We can also arrange to have billeting if you would like. Call Brendan at 250-549-
4411 for details.
All times are closing of registration. Fencing will commence when there is available space on
piste. As with any tournament, there may be waiting involved. We will also ask for coaches and
athletes to help with presiding over bouts. There will be no food service so bring a bag lunch
and lots to drink. The boys and girls individual tournaments may be mixed in order for the kids
to get lots more fencing in and because of numbers. Chest protectors and athletic cups are
suggested for athletes. Full equipment is needed to fence: Mask, jacket, pants, knee length socks,
sous-plastron, and glove. Any equipment deemed unsafe by the organizers will be disallowed.
Saturday the 24th of November
9:00: Cadet Boys Epee and Cadet Girls Epee
Noon: Open Men Epee and Open Women Epee
Following the Open we will have a Mixed Veteran Epee
Sunday the 25th of November
9:00 Y10 Boys Epee and Y10 Girls Epee
11:30 Y12 Boys Epee and Y12 Girls Epee
2:30 Y14 Boys Epee and Y14 Girls Epee