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Missoula Youth Cup #4 plus Senior Events Apr 6, 2019
Missoula Youth Cup is a series of 4 tournaments for growing fencers. These tournaments are developmental and focus on sportsmanship and learning how to compete.
Missoula Fencing Association: Missoula, MT
posted 09/05/2018
More Info
Welcome to the Missoula Youth Cup!

As a reminder to all fencers, coaches, spectators, friends, and family members, these tournaments are designed to promote sportsmanship, friendly competition, and learning. Regardless of a fencer's personal success, it is important that we support all athletes in their journey.


    10 am Mixed Epee
    10 am Y14 Foil

    Noon Unrated Epee

    2 pm Div 3 Foil
    2 pm Y10/Y12 Epee

Registration and Fees

  • Registration is free, each event is $10.

  • askFred registration will close the Wednesday prior to the event.

  • Times listed are close of check-in. Events will begin approximately 15 mins after close of check-in.

Eligibility and Uniform Requirements


    1st place: 20 points

    2nd place: 14 points

    3rd place: 8 points

    Top 8: 4 points

    Top 16: 2 points

    Top 32: 1 point

  • At the end of the season, points winners will receive medals. Ties will be broken by: number of cups attended, then by average placing, followed by points scored in bouts where the two tied fencers fenced each other. If the fencers are somehow still tied, there will be a coin flip.

The Missoula Youth Cup Series was started by Missoula Fencing Association in 2011. For more information, visit

Questions can be directed to Laura Lee, Missoula Fencing Association Director, at