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Escrime Sundae Mar 23, 2019
Royal Oak Middle School: Victoria, BC
posted 08/30/2018
More Info
Join us for Capital City Fencers' Club's famous Invitational Inspirational Non-Denominational Fencing Tournament of Fun with Entrance for a Song Plus a Nominal Fee, Kazoos Provided at the Door. All entrants can enjoy an ice cream sundae after elimination so ... Come for the Saturday, Stay for the Escrime Sundae!

UPDATE: Due to registration numbers, senior events will be MIXED

Sanctioned events: $20 first event, $10 additional events.
Unsanctioned event: $10.

Events Scheduled:

Sanctioned events:
Junior events (registration close 1pm)
Junior (U20) Women's Epee
Junior (U20) Women's Foil
Junior (U20) Women's Saber
Junior (U20) Men's Epee
Junior (U20) Men's Foil
Junior (U20) Men's Saber

Senior events
Senior Women's Epee (10:30 am)
Senior Women's Foil (11:30 am)
Senior Women's Saber (11:30 am)
Senior Men's Epee (10:30 am)
Senior Men's Foil (11:30 am)
Senior Men's Saber (11:30 am)

Events may be mixed if there is low registration in one gender, and will be mixed if the there are less than six (6) men or women registered.

Unrated Mixed Foil, 1pm
(for beginner fencers and other fencers without a CFF license)
Dependent on enrollment, this event may include a secondary bracket in the DE.

CFF Licenses:
All participating fencers in sanctioned events will be required to have their CFF license (or foreign equivalent) for liability reasons. Please bring proof of license to registration.

CFF Licenses can be purchased at:

Preregistration opens on 12/01/2018.
Preregistration closes on 03/22/2019.