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SoCal Scholastic League Individual Epee/Saber #2 Jan 27, 2019
PLEASE NOTE: Events are restricted by academic standing, not age. Events are open to Middle and High School Students. Please bring school ID and proof of USFA membership.
Lakeview Academy: Victorville, CA
posted 08/28/2018
More Info
The individual epee/saber events are open to all Middle School and High School students. Bring your school ID and proof of USFA competitive membership (or sign up at the door). 9th-12th graders fence High School. 6th - 8th graders fence Middle School. No exceptions.

The high school events are recognized by USA Fencing and is sanctioned. Classifications can now be earned at our High School events!

Proof of grade and proof of USFA competitive membership is required upon check in. No exceptions.

To purchase USFA Competitive Membership on-line, please use link below:


Lakeview Leadership Academy
12484 Tamarisk Rd.
Victorville, CA 92395


There is a busway behind the gym for member and equipment dropoff.

A full fencing Jacket (FIE not required), a plastron, a glove, and fencing knickers. Socks must cover all the leg not covered by the knickers. Women's equipment must include breast protectors made of metal or rigid material inside the jacket. The appropriate glove, lame and mask for the weapon being fenced are required. Please wear shoes with "non-marking" or white soles to all competitions.

All Saber fencers must use a USFA Fencing approved 800N glove.

Masks and gloves will be inspected by the armorer. Weapons will be tested on the strip. You will not be allowed to fence with weapons that do not conform to USFA standards.

There will be one round of pools with 100% advancing to direct elimination in all individual competitions. The direct elimination bouts will be fifteen touch bouts, with the appropriate breaks determined by which weapon is being fenced.

When preregistering please list your school as your primary club.

Registration Fees: (Cash or check accepted)
$10 fee per event for fencers from league schools.
$40 fee per event for fencers from non-league schools.

Fees are paid at the tournament when you check in.

League Schools are:
Harvard Westlake
Lakeview (Victorville)
Le Lycee Francais

Results tabulated from the Individual Epee/Saber #1 on October 21, 2018 and January 27, 2019 (#2) will be used to determine medals. Medals will be awarded through 8th place.

Events Scheduled:

9:00 AM Men's High School Epee
11:00 AM Women's High School Saber
12:00 PM Men's High School Saber
12:30 PM Women's High School Epee
1:00 PM Men's Middle School Saber
1:00 PM Women's Middle School Saber
1:30 PM Men's Middle School Epee
2:30 PM Women's Middle School Epee

Reminder: All Varsity High School Fencers must fence in either or both the #1 or #2 Epee/Saber Individual to be considered for a High School Varsity "A" Team for the SoCal Scholastic League Epee/Saber Team Tournament on April 28, 2019.

Preregistration opens on 08/28/2018.
Preregistration closes on 1/26/2019.