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RCFC Youth #5 Apr 20, 2019
Join us for our final individual youth tournament of the season. There will be foil events for all age groups, plus Y14 Epee.
Rain City Fencing Center: Bellevue, WA
posted 08/27/2018
More Info
FRED Announces the RCFC Youth #5

Join us for our final individual youth tournament of the season. There will be foil events for all age groups, plus Y14 Epee.

------------------ Important Info: -------------------

Tournament: RCFC Youth #5
Date(s): 04/20/2019
Location: Rain City Fencing Center

Event Schedule:

Saturday, April 20th, 2019
9:30 AM - Doors open
10:00 AM - Y10, Y14 Foil
1:00 PM - Y8 Foil, Y14 Epee
2:00 PM - Y12 Foil

All times are close of registration.

Entry fee is $20 per event.

Except for the Youth-8 event, all competitors must be current 2018-2019 competitive members of USA Fencing (or equivalent). Please join USA Fencing or renew your membership online at before the tournament. Foreign fencers must register for a free Foreign Fencer membership through USA Fencing.

All competitors must have full regulation uniform including underarm protector, fencing pants, and long socks. Rain City Fencing Center has limited quantities of equipment available for purchase or rental.

Fencers may rent club electric gear for $15 plus tax per tournament (or $25 per month). Bear in mind that club gear is often unreliable for competition. Whether you're using club gear or your own, make sure it's in good working order and your weapons will pass the weight test! Also, all fencers should have two working weapons and two working body cords at the strip with them. Fencers in the Y8 and Y10 foil events must use #2 or shorter blades.

All foil fencers at all competition levels must have masks with conductive bibs. RCFC has electric foil masks, mask cords, and retrofit kits for BG "Olympic" masks available for sale, but rental of electric masks is VERY limited.

Foil fencers who wear a hard plastic chest protector must use the new FIE-approved padded protector. We expect to have a limited quantity of the new protectors available for sale. Chest protectors are still required for female fencers, optional for male fencers in all three weapons.

Epee fencers note: Because a conductive surface can cause an opponent's weapon to ground out, electric foil masks are NOT permitted in the epee event. Two-weapon fencers will need two masks or a mask with an exchangeable bib.

Age Eligibility
Youth-8 -- Born 2010-2013
Youth-10 -- Born 2008-2011
Youth-12 -- Born 2006-2009
Youth-14 -- Born 2004-2007

------------------ To Preregister: ------------------
Preregistration closes on 04/19/2019

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