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Virginia Division 2018 Junior Olympic Qualifiers Oct 20, 2018 - Oct 21, 2018
This is the 2018 Virginia Division qualifying tournament to the USA Fencing Junior Olympics and also is the VA DIV Junior and Cadet Championship event. Completed registration including $35 payment per event must be paid by midnight 10/17/18.
Richmond Fencing Club: Richmond, VA
posted 08/08/2018
More Info
This is the 2018 Virginia Division qualifying tournament to the USA Fencing Junior Olympics and is also the Virginia Division Junior and Cadet Championship event. You must complete your registration AND pre-pay all entry fees by Wednesday 10/17/18 at midnight to compete.

Saturday, October 20th
Junior Women's Epee
Junior Men's Foil
Junior Men's Saber

Cadet Men's Foil
Cadet Women's Epee
Cadet Men's Saber

Sunday, October 21st
Junior Women's Saber
Junior Women's Foil
Junior Men's Epee

Cadet Women's Saber
Cadet Women's Foil
Cadet Men's Epee

Junior (U20) events will be held before the Cadet events on the same day.

Virginia Division Members Only!!! A member can declare a Division affiliation based on his or her residence, location of the school that member is attending or location of club that the member will represent in USFA competitions. Each year a member must declare the Division affiliation for that membership year. That Division is then the one from which the fencer must qualify to the USA Fencing National Championships and the Junior Olympic Fencing Championships.

Fencers under 13 can compete in the Cadet event if they are on the NRPS for Y-14.

Number of Qualifiers for Junior Olympic Fencing Championships and USA Fencing National Championships from Division Qualifying Competitions (25% rule)
# Competitors 1 2 3 -12 13-16 17-20 21-24 25-28
# Qualifiers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
[BOD, October 2003]

Important note: Fencers must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the United States. Any fencer who is a citizen or permanent resident, who has also represented another country in the last three years, in any FIE (Senior or Junior) and/or Union International de Pentathlon Monderne (UIPM) event, and who has not yet been granted permission to represent the USA by USA Fencing and the FIE is not eligible for any USA Fencing National Championship competition, individual or team, including division qualifying competitions. A foreign fencer who is in the United States on a visa is NOT eligible to fence in any National Championships, individual or team, or associated division qualifying competitions. If an athlete has a Green Card, a copy of this card should be brought to the event as part of check in.

Preregistration opens on 08/08/2018
Preregistration closes on 10/17/2018.