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Bill Goering Memorial - CO Cup #3 and Vets Jan 26, 2019 - Jan 27, 2019
The Bill Goering Memorial is a charity event honoring one of DFC's greatest fencers. All events feature medals for the top four places. Entry is a $35 for the first event, $15 for additional events.
Denver Fencing Center: Denver, CO
posted 08/08/2018
More Info
The Bill Goering Memorial is a charity event that will honor one of Denver Fencing Center's greatest fencers. The top 4 fencers in each event will receive special prizes.

This tournament is also the third tournament in the Colorado Cup series.

All masks will be checked for integrity. Sabre masks, manchettes, Sabre and Foil lames will be checked for conductivity. Saber gloves must be 800N to comply with USFA policy. All additional USFA rules apply. We will be using replay for the final bouts on the finals strip.

$35 per event
$15 per each additional event
$10 late fee if not pre-registered

Senior Events are open to Fencers over the age of 13.
Veteran Events are open to Fencers over the age of 40. This will be one of the major Veteran tournaments during the 2017 - 2018 season.

50% of the proceeds of this tournament will support the Colorado Wheelchair Fencing Foundation.

***Please note Each fencer may fence a maximum of 2 events per day This helps us keep the tournament running smoothly. Thank you for your cooperation.

Events Scheduled:
Vet Mixed Saber...8:15AM
Vet Mixed Foil...9:15AM
Senior Women's Epee...12:00 PM
Senior Women's Saber Jan 27...12:30 PM
Senior Women's Foil Jan 27...1:00 PM
Vet Mixed Epee...2:30 PM

Senior Mixed Epee...8:30AM
Senior Mixed Foil...11:30AM
Senior Mixed Saber...12:15PM