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RYC of the Rockies #1 Oct 27, 2018 - Oct 28, 2018
RYC #1 Y14, Y12 and Y10 - boys & girls - 3 weapons. Earn Regional Ranking Points toward National recognition! Sign up at
Denver Fencing Center: Denver, CO
posted 08/08/2018
More Info

This page is for information purposes only.
You cannot register for this tournament through AskFred.

All registrations must now be made through USA Fencing

Up to date information and announcements will be found on the USA Fencing page

Visit to sign up and register


Tournament Details
Regional Youth Circuit and Colorado Youth Circuit Event. This tournament will feature Youth 14, Youth 12 and Youth 10 events in all three weapons. We will be using replay on the finals strip for the final bouts. Custom "RYC of the Rockies" medals will be awarded to top 4 finishers.

PLEASE NOTE: All events will be fenced at:
Denver Fencing Center
1930 South Navajo Street
Denver, CO 80223

Free parking at the venue is available in our parking lot, on street in front of the Denver Fencing Center building. Overflow parking is also available at Ruby Hill Park at the end of the block. Please do not block driveways or use the parking areas of other businesses in the neighborhood.

Schedule of start times:

Y12 Women's Epee 11:15 AM
Y12 Men's Epee 11:15 AM
Y14 Women's Epee 12:45 PM
Y14 Men's Epee 12:45 PM
Y10 Men's Epee 1:00 PM
Y10 Women's Epee 1:00 PM

Sunday: Y12 Men's Saber 8:45 AM
Y12 Women's Saber 8:45 AM
Y10 Men's Foil 9:15 AM
Y10 Women's Foil 9:15 AM
Y14 Men's Foil 10:15 AM
Y14 Women's Foil 10:15 AM
Y14 Women's Saber 12:15 PM
Y14 Men's Saber 12:15 PM
Y12 Women's Foil 12:45 PM
Y12 Men's Foil 12:45 PM
Y10 Men's Saber 2:30 PM
Y10 Women's Saber 2:30 PM


Please join or renew with USA Fencing in advance of the tournament at:

Please print and bring your membership card to registration.

Regional Points: Fencers only earn points at RYCs within their home region (your Region is assigned based on Division affiliation). Only the best 3 results count towards the point total. These points may qualify Youth fencers to the USA Fencing National Championships. Points earned at Regional Youth tournaments are not considered in determination of national point standings; they are only reflected in regional point standings.

Using the formula below, RYC tournaments will award points to all participants:

((# entries * place + 1) / # entries) x 100 points

The winner of each RYC, regardless of size of field, will earn 100 points. The size of the participant field is based on all athletes in the event, regardless of region. Regional RYC Points are only earned in the fencers own region.

For more information, visit

Event Fee Info
Fee structure:
$24 registration fee
$45 per event fee
+ applicable admin fees as assessed by USA Fencing.

All fees triple starting October 17.

Officials/Referee Info
We will have high level national referees directing the tournament. Replay will be used for the final bouts in each event. Equipment check will be the same as national tournaments, including body and mask cords, gloves, and foil bibs.

Transportation Details
Denver Fencing Center has reserved a block of rooms at the Embassy Suites DTC North. All suites feature a pull-out couch, so you can split with your teammates! The Embassy Suites offers a pool, free made to order breakfast, and a free shuttle to the light rail station. Rooms are $109/night. Rooms are available 10/26-10/28.

Call 303-696-6644 to book. Make sure to mention you're with Denver Fencing Center! You can also reserve online:

All reservations must be made by 11/01/18.