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2019 Bay State Games Jul 20, 2019 - Jul 21, 2019
DO NOT REGISTER ON ASKFRED. Informational only. Please see more info for detailed information registration process. This tournament is sanctioned by the New England Division.
Boston Fencing Club: Boston, MA
posted 07/29/2018
More Info
FENCERS: If you do not see your name on the askfred list it may be because you do not have an askfred profile. Please create one and email me so I can add you to the list. (see below)If you have a profile on askfred and do not see your name then I have a question. please email me so we can resolve the issue and I will add your name to the list.

DO NOT REGISTER ON ASKFRED. Read below for registration instruction. If you have registered on BSG site and do not see your name on askfred by end of each week, contact me ( Some fencers do not have a profile on askfred. I can not enter you via askfred if you have no profile in their database.

This tournament will be sanctioned by the New England Division of the United States Fencing Association provided all criteria is met; this includes COMPETITIVE membership in USFA. If you are a not a current member or are a non-competitive member, you must join or upgrade. Part of the sanction process is to ensure fencers who do not meet the age restrictions do not compete.

Registration and payment MUST BE DONE through the BSG website. Once payment is processed, competitors will be added to a list on askfred.

Click on the link below to register for Bay State Games:


All competitors must be USFA competitive members and be age eligible for specific events.

Open - Birth year 2005 or earlier
U19 (Scholastic) - Birth Year 2000-2006****
Vet (Masters) - Birth year 1979 or earlier

**** Age eligibility exceptions based on National Points apply. Fencers age ineligible for the junior category, but on USFA cadet point standings (after SNs), may enter this event. If you are not on point standings and age ineligible you will not be able to compete and entry fee will not be refunded.

Sanctioning of event is dependent upon USFA rules/guidelines being observed.

Entry Fees:
First Deadline June 15, 2019
$40 one event
$40 + 35 = 75 two events
$40 + 35 + 35 = 110 three events

Late fee of $25 for all entries after June 15

Late fee of $50 for all entries after June 29

NO registrations accepted after July 6

There will be NO WALKINS allowed at this tournament.

Medals awarded to top 4 (1, 2, 3, 3) Medalists are eligible to compete in the State Games of America in 2019. Information for this event will be available at the tournament.

All registered entrants will receive a BSG t-shirt.


Any questions:

Preregistration opens on 01/01/2019.
Preregistration closes on 06/15/2019.