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Jack Sparrow Open Sep 22, 2018
Come join us for Sword Fights and Pistol Duels!
Metro Tacoma Fencing Club: Lakewood, WA
posted 07/20/2018
More Info
Come join us for Sword Fights and Pistol Duels!

Events Scheduled:
Mixed Foil
Preregistration opens on 07/20/2018.
Preregistration closes on 09/21/2018.

Please join us at our First Annual Jack Sparrow Open.

Tournament will run like a regular foil tournament with standard pools and 100% promotion to the DE rounds.

BUT, all competitors will be issued a small Air Warrior Gem Foam Dart Blaster with 3 bullets. You will be allowed to use your blaster during the event (rules are still being finalized and are at the full discretion of Tournament Directors). A hit anywhere on the body with the foam dart will equal one touch. You will not be allowed to reload during pools, so choose your targets wisely. You can reload for the DE rounds...probably one bullet per DE, but we haven't decided yet!

Tournament directors will also have extra blasters, and will solve any disagreements by shooting everyone involved! Those shots will equal a touch against you, so don't argue.

We will have prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. The Gem Dart Blaster is yours to keep as well. Thank you to Buzz Bee Toys for their generous donation of blasters to support our event!

Cost $20 if pre-registered on AskFRED. $25 at the door. Maximum entrants is 30.

Pirate costumes encouraged, but they cannot affect the safety of your uniform or equipment. Full fencing uniform required. Beginners are allowed to compete in long pants instead of knickers.

This tournament is unsanctioned no pirate will earn a new classification even if you win and take over as captain. But you can earn the admiration and respect of all your mates. And you can scream, "Arrrr!" throughout the event.