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Swords' Seventh Annual Dual Duel Jul 28, 2018
Come and fence in Swords' Original Dual Duel! The top 4 teams in Dual Duel will be awarded medals. This is not a USFA event so membership is not required, but full fencing gear is needed and mandatory.
Burbank Swords Studio: Burbank, CA
posted 07/13/2018
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Events Scheduled:
Close of Check-in times are as follows:
Dual Duel epee event 1:00 pm

You may pre-register on AskFred and pay at the door.
For Dual Duel, each team is $50 or $25 per person. Please pay at the door and pre-register here. You may assemble a team at the venue or come with your teams in mind. Each team consists of only two people and the format is specially designed by Tigran Shaginian as a two-on-two team. When pre-registering on AskFred, only list two fencers on your team.

For any questions, please feel free to contact us at (818) 281-0564.

Rules and other FAQs of Dual Duel
1. What are teams made up of?
2 person teams

2. What is the format?
Pools are 5 touch bouts with only one touch needed against the team, meaning not both teammates have to be "out" to score a touch.
DEs are 5 touch bouts but both team members must be tagged.

3. How does that work?
In pools, 2 people teams fence each other at the same time. Any fencer can hit the other team whether they are in front of them or crossed diagonally. Only one touch against any of the other team is needed. Double touches count as double touches.
In DEs, same rules apply, but only one person per team can be tagged out at a time unless its a double. If team A tags one person on Team B, then it will be a 2 vs 1 situation. The Team with both members still in will start at their back warning line and the single team member will move all the way up to start the touch. Once one team is tagged out completely, the touch is awarded and it starts over again. If there is a 1 vs 1 situation and a double touch is scored, both teams are awarded a point unless it is a la-belle situation.

If you have any questions, please email