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Integrity Challenge Jan 26, 2019 - Jan 27, 2019
Regular Fee Registration Deadline is July 27 2018. YOU MUST REGISTER AND PAY VIA US FENCING website Register online via USFA events portal
New Jersey Fencing Alliance: Maplewood, NJ
posted 07/09/2018
More Info

Register at:

Integrity Fencing Studio Located in Chatham, NJ. Our goal is to achieve success while maintaining our integrity. The spirit of our studio is driven not only by the medals our fencers win in competitions, but through continuing the traditional values of fencing: courtesy, dignity, honor and courage. It is through these values that our members will deepen their inner character and achieve winning results.

Located at 50 Burnett Avenue, Maplewood, NJ (use 54 Burnett Avenue for MapQuest).
NJFA is conveniently located near all major highways in NJ, NY, CT, and Pennsylvania. Just off Springfield Avenue (via Vermont St). Only a 30-minute train ride from NYC Penn Station (via NJ Transit Mid-Town Direct)

Newark Liberty International (approximately 10 miles from the venue)
Numerous hotels at Newark Liberty International Airport (approximately 20 minutes away)

NEW JERSEY FENCING ALLIANCE is the largest fully equipped state-of-the-art fencing salle complete fencing venue in the country offering 19 grounded official USFA fencing strips, each strip is equipped with overhead center scoring boxes as well as repeater lights at each end of each strip. Men's and women's locker rooms are provided. The venue offers FREE Wireless Internet service, live results streaming of tournament information on overhead monitors, an on-site fully equipped Fencing Pro Shop and PLENTY of FREE PARKING.

BOUT COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Abbas Fadel, Valdmir Lilov, Facility Chair Frank Mustilli

NJFA prides itself in providing our competitors with highly qualified referees, nationally ranked FOC, an experienced Bout Committee and a friendly staff.

A Regional Ranking Point System (RRPS) is in place to recognize participation and accomplishment of developing athletes at the regional level. A percentage of point holders from each region will earn qualification to the Summer National Championships for Y12 and Y14. Currently, 100% of Y10 fencers on the Regional Points Standings and National Points Standings gain qualification to the Summer National Championships. There are NO National Points earned at RYC events. All athletes whose USA Fencing's membership division is in the region in which the RYC is held will earn regional points based on placement. Athletes fencing in an RYC outside their region will not earn regional points. Larger fields will award more points for placement. A percentage of athletes will earn qualification from their rankings on the RRPS. Rankings will be managed by the National Office and available for viewing on the USA Fencing Website under Rankings, Current Rankings, and then Regional. These rankings are regional only and ARE NOT RELATED IN ANY WAY TO THE NATIONAL ROLLING POINT STANDINGS. All athletes residing in the region in which the tournament is held earn regional points based on placement. Larger fields will award more points for placement. Best 3 results from RYCs within the athlete's region count toward Regional point totals on a seasonal point basis. At the end of the season, ranking winners of each age group and gender in each of the 6 Tournaments regions will be recognized by the Youth Development Committee, Tournament Committee and US Fencing. Any athlete who is age eligible may compete in an RYC. However, ONLY athletes fencing in their home region will earn Regional Ranking Points for their result.

There is NO trickle down for POINTS at the Regional level. Points earned in a Regional Youth tournament only appear in the category in which they were earned. (For example: Y12 regional points do NOT trickle down to Y10).

There IS trickle down for QUALIFICATION at the Regional level. Therefore, if a fencer qualifies in an older age group and is age eligible for a younger age group, they earn qualification in that category as well. For more information on youth qualification paths refer to the Athlete's Handbook:

Regular Fee Registration Deadline is December 28th, 2018.
Register online via USFA events portal here:

Entry is determined by 2018-2019 USFA Birth year requirements and rating restrictions:

Y8: Born 2010-2013
Y10: Born 2008-2011
Y12: Born 2006-2009, or on Youth 10 NRP List
Y14: Born 2004-2007, or on Youth 12 NRP List
Cadet: Born 2002-2005

Regular Period Registration fee: $30
Regular Period Fee per Event: $45
Regular Fee Entry Deadline: Friday, December 28th

Deadline for Refund: December 28th, 2018
(Only event fees are refundable, not the registration fees)

Late Fee Entry Period: December 29th January 23rd, 2018
Late Fee Period Registration fee: $60
Late Fee Period Fee per Event: $90

Walk-In Period Registration fee: $90
Walk-In Period Fee per Event: $135


REFEREES: If interested in reffing, please email

PARKING: Plenty of free parking in our lot with over 200 parking spaces.

Regular entry fee deadline is 11:59 pm on Friday, December 28th. Online payment required to complete entry.

If the fencer registers for the event without paying online, registration is considered incomplete. If the fees are not paid online by December 28th, even if the fencer is registered before then, the late fees will apply when they are paid online on December 29th or later.

The last day to register online is Wednesday, January 23rd. Walk-in registration on the day of your event if available. Incomplete online registrations will be considered walk-ins. Please pay early to avoid the late fees!

All withdrawals must be received by NJFA via email by the posted withdrawal deadline of December 28th for a refund of event fees. Registration fees are nonrefundable. Email notification may be sent to Please include your name, mailing address and the event(s) from which you are requesting to withdraw. No refunds will be given for withdrawals after the posted withdraw deadline. Refunds are processed 3 weeks after the tournament.

Events with fewer than 5 entrants will be mixed gender.

Start times are subject to change - check for updates. Fencing will commence shortly after the close of check-in. Fencers should arrive at least one hour prior to the close of check-in times. This should provide you with ample time for equipment check and proper warm-up.

SATURDAY 8:00 am
Y10 WE
Y10 MS

SATURDAY 8:30 am
Y14 WE
Y10 ME
Y10 WS
SATURDAY 11:00 am
Y14 ME

SATURDAY 11:30 pm
Y12 MF

SATURDAY 12:30 pm
Y12 WF

SATURDAY 3:00 pm
Y14 WS

SATURDAY 3:30 pm
Y14 MS

SUNDAY 8:00 am
Y10 WF
Y14 MF

SUNDAY 9:30 pm
Y14 WF

SUNDAY 12:00 pm
Y10 MF

SUNDAY 12:30 pm
Y12 WE
Y12 ME

SUNDAY 1:00 pm
Y12 WS

SUNDAY 3:30 pm
Y12 MS

Equipment from Blue Gauntlet will be for sale. Concession stand will be open during tournament.

USA Fencing Membership:

Competitive membership to USA Fencing is required. Please bring proof of membership when you check in. Sign up here in advance:

USFA Age verification is required either by presenting: USFA card stating Age Verified "Y" OR Copy of birth certificate or other government-issued ID with photo.

Upon entering this tournament you agree to abide by the current rules of USA Fencing and other applicable rules instituted by Integrity/NJFA. You acknowledge you are entering this tournament at your own risk and release the USA Fencing and its sponsors. New Jersey Division of USA Fencing, Integrity, New Jersey Fencing Alliance, volunteers, tournament staff, and referees from any liability. With entry, you give consent to Integrity/NJFA to obtain medical care from any licensed physician, hospital or clinic for any injury or illness that may arise during activities associated with this tournament. The tournament organizers and USA Fencing can use photography, filming, recording, or any other form of media of the athlete during the tournament. Those wishing to opt out of media coverage must inform the Bout Committee. Integrity/New Jersey Fencing Alliance is not responsible for any lost or stolen property.

If no proof of membership you must complete and pay for USA Fencing membership. You may join/renew at the door (parent signature required), however arrive with a completed form or plan to come early to complete required paperwork. Have separate check payable to "USA Fencing” or use your credit card (preferred).

Full USA Fencing regulation uniform required. Name is NOT required on uniform. Foil mask with conductive bib required. Fencers arm, equip and clothe themselves and fence at their own responsibility and at their own risk. Fencers are responsible for ensuring arrival at the strip with working equipment.
Uniforms (jacket, pants, knee-high socks, fencing glove): Standard fencing uniforms; cannot have any rips, tear, or holes. Warm-up pants or jeans are not allowed. Fencing glove must cover half of the forearm.
Plastrons (underarm protectors): Standard fencing plastron; required with every uniform Chest Protector: Required for females
Masks: 12K punch test; sewn in bib. Conductive Bib in foil is required. Elastic strap at back of mask is required
Blades: Standard blade length of 30-35' permitted. Must have at least two working weapons and two body cords when reporting to the strip.
Weapon Handle: Any attachment to a weapon's handle must fix the hand in one position such that the top of the thumb is no more than 2 cm from the inner surface of the guard.
Names on Uniforms: Not required.

Equipment check for masks, lames, jackets, gloves, sabre cuffs, and body/mask cords will be open Friday January 25th from 4:00pm to 6:00pm and at 7:00am on Saturday, January 26th and 7:00am on Sunday, January 27th.