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Grand Round-Robin Epee at CFC Jul 21, 2018
Pre-registration Deadline: Thursday PM (midnight) prior to tournament. Event is limited to 42 fencers total. (For fees & details, see 'More Info' page)
Concord Fencing Club: Concord, NH
posted 06/14/2018
More Info
Come fence EVERYONE in a Grand Round-Robin Epee tournament!

Concord Fencing Club is pleased to host this unusual and challenging event once again.

The event is organized as a complete round robin, which means that each competitor fences a five-touch bout against every other person in the event. With capacity for up to 42 fencers, that's a lot of fencing, and a lot of fun!

We will follow the NCAA formula:

1) Fencers are assigned to 'squads' of three members each to organize the round-robin activity. After an internal, mini round-robin, each squad is matched against every other squad in turn.
2) Upon conclusion of the Round-Robin, DEs will be held for the top four places. Remaining places will be decided based on Round-Robin results (Victories, indicators, etc.).

Note: If the full capacity of 42 fencers is reached, we expect that this event will require approximately 9 hours to complete (9AM to 6PM). This is a rough estimate only; please plan accordingly.


Entry fee: $30 if prepaid via FRED
Referees fee: (None - self-directed)

Walk-in registration: Add $10

Registration is capped at 42 fencers.
After the registration cap is reached, please use the 'email the organizer' link to be placed on the waiting list.


> If this event is cancelled by CFC, pre-registrants will be notified by email. A refund of pre-registration fees* may be obtained by emailing within five (5) business days.

> If this event is held, refunds* for individual cancellations will NOT be issued unless requested by the close of preregistration. No exceptions will be made for inclement weather.

* FRED processing fees will be subtracted from any refunds provided.

Contact Concord Fencing Club with any questions or concerns: 603-224-3560