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Golden State Youth Epee Cup #4 and Awards Jun 10, 2018
New Epee Youth Cups with 4 planned for the season. Point system will be used to give a trophy to the winner at the end. Medals top 4. Location may change for each cup.
Pasadena: Pasadena, CA
posted 03/07/2018
More Info
Come and fence in a new Golden State Youth Cup epee tournament in Pasadena for $25 per event. $15 registration fee. Sign up soon to get the best referee coverage!

We will have 4 youth tournaments total. An overall mixed epee winner in each age will be crowned.

The Y14 events are now combined and will be run the same as the Y12 and Y10.

This is the last event of the season and awards will be given out to the overall winners!

The rolling points will be updated and a website will be up with the points list for each event. The website can be found at or! Newly Updated website!

These events are geared to beginner to intermediate fencers that are rated "D" and under and all fencing gear must be worn.

Check In Times
Y14 Mixed Epee 9:30am
Y12 Mixed Epee 12:30pm
Y10 Mixed Epee 3pm

Events Scheduled:
Mixed EpeeY10 Mixed EpeeY12 Mixed Epee Y14 Mixed Epee