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Walk & Roll Saber #10, Youth & Senior Saber Jun 1, 2018 - Jun 2, 2018
Membership requirements enforced. 100% to DEs, ALL PLACES FENCED for Youth and Walk and Roll. First event $15.00, each addtional $10.
Utah Swords Academy Fencing Club: Salt Lake City, UT
posted 02/09/2018
More Info
All events require US Fencing Membership. Unsanctioned Events require only a non-competitive membership, which may be upgraded to Competitive during the season for the difference in cost ($10 to $75. Sanctioned events require Competitive or Professional Membership.

All events are pools w/ 100% promotion to DEs. Since these events are intended for practice, there will be no elimination from DEs for the Youth and Walk and Roll events. - All places will be fenced off so that all fencers get the same number of bouts as the gold and silver medalists. This unusual format is fully supported by Fencing Time (Thank you!).

First event $15.00
Additional events $10.00 each
Collected at check-in

Friday, June 1 Check-in opens at 5:00 PM

- Walk and Roll Foil (Unsanctioned) 6:00 PM
- Walk and Roll Epee (Unsanctioned) 7:00 PM

Saturday, June 2 Check-in opens at 8:30 AM

- D1A Senior Mixed Saber (Sanctioned) 9:00 AM
- All ages Mixed 'Walk & Roll' Saber (Unsanctioned) 11:00 AM
- Y14 Mixed Saber (Unsanctioned) 1:00 PM
- Y12 Mixed Saber (Unsanctioned) 2:30 PM
- Y10 Mixed Saber (Unsanctioned) 3:30 PM
- Y8 Mixed Saber (Unsanctioned) 4:00 PM

Bill Nikolai

More 'More Info.'

We will be grilling something beginning about 11:00 AM on Saturday, courtesy of the Utah Fencing Foundation.

This is the 10th time a 'Walk and Roll' event has been held in Utah, and maybe in the country. We intend to host one each month through Wheelchair Championships and Summer Nationals as warm-ups. We will be adjusting things as we learn how such things go, so join in and help us develop!

Weapons check will be available for your peace of mind, but not required. 800 Newton Saber gloves are required for sanctioned events

Utah Swords Academy hosts the Utah Fencing Foundation's wheelchair fencing program and, after separate warmups and drills, we routinely rotate all students to fence seated with our wheelchair fencers. For 'Walk and Roll', events, 'Walkers' bouting each other will use strips as usual for pools and DEs. Bouts with 'Rollers' will be fenced seated. If you haven't done this before, you will quickly learn that not being able to run away or dance around forces one to get good with blade-work. Visualize every bout starting with you being backed up to the end of the strip. Try it - you'll like it! Because this event is open to all ages, you will understand that some bouts will be teaching or learning opportunities and some will be serious training opportunities.