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Windy City RYC #9 and Cadets Epee (RYC Region 2) Apr 14, 2018 - Apr 15, 2018
Welcome to a Regional Youth Circuit tournament, hosted by Windy City Fencing in Chicago. $30 Registration fee, plus $25 per event fenced. Cadets events $ 30 registration plus $ 40 event fees. .
Windy City Fencing Club: Chicago, IL
posted 02/02/2018
More Info
Welcome to a Regional Youth Circuit #9 tournament, hosted by Windy City Fencing in Chicago.

Menomonee club
1535 n Dayton ave

Hotel :TBA

Registration fees (including all convenience fees and costs to register online and pay with a credit card) follow, with listed deadlines:

Regular fees till April 3:
For Y 10,12,14 $30 Registration fee (per fencer), plus $25 per event fenced.
For cadets events $ 30 Registration fees plus $ 40 event fee

Double fees April 4- April 10 :
For Y 10,12,14 $ 60 Registration fees ,plus $ 50 event fees
For Cadets $ 60 Registration fees,plus $ 80 event fees.

Parking : We have free of charge parking lot at the building.

Food : More then 20 restaurants , food cords , coffee shops in a walking distance from the venue.

US Fencing membership required (may sign up at the tournament)

***Your registration is incomplete until payment is made via AskFRED.***

Registration fees are NON REFUNDABLE

Deadline for REFUND request is on Friday, March 15 @ 11:59 pm.
Please make a separate email with "REFUND" as the subject.
Make sure that you include your mailing address in the email.
Refund will be sent 2 weeks after the tournament.

Birth year requirements
Youth 10 event 2007-2010
Youth 12 event 2005-2008, or on National Points for Y10
Youth 14 event 2003-2006, or on National Points for Y12
Cadet event 2002-2005, or on National Points for Y14


Sat April 14

9 am Y 12 Men epee
9 am Y 12 Women epee

12 noon Y 12 Men foil
12 noon Y 12 Women foil

12:30 pm Cadets Men epee
2 pm Y 12 Mix Sabre

3:30 pm Cadets Women epee

Sunday ,April 15

9 am Y 14 Men foil
9 am Y 10 Women epee

11 am Y 10 Men epee: MOVED TO 9 AM

12 noon Y14 Women Foil

1 pm Y 14 Mix Sabre MOVED TO 12 NOON

2 pm Y 14 Men epee
2 pm Y 14 Women epee

3 pm Y 10 Mix foil

4 pm Y10 Mixed Sabre


At this time, Askfred will not let you register and pay for an event for which you are not age eligible. If you are eligible to fence in an event by virtue of being on the NRPS in a lower age category, please register for an additional event in a different category that you ARE age eligible to participate in, and then email the organizers with the name of the athlete, and the events that need to be switched around. Please verify your eligibility via NRPS BEFORE doing this! No refunds will be given for ineligible fencers who mistakenly enter