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2018 DFW Metroplex Sabre Cup Team League Feb 26, 2018
Registration for the 2018 season of the Metroplex Sabre Cup Team League. See below for more information.
Various locations: Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
posted 01/30/2018
More Info
Announcing the 2018 Season of the Metroplex Sabre Cup Team League

Sponsored by Cutting Edge Fencing Center

The Metroplex Sabre Cup Team League is an endeavor sponsored by Cutting Edge Fencing to bring more team-based sabre competition to the North Texas area. Regular season play will run from February 26 through the 30th of April, Playoffs will begin May 4th.

All Clubs in the North Texas Division are invited to participate - signups are through February 23rd!

Team Composition and Registration
Teams will consist of 4, 5, or 6 participants, designated at the time of registration.
Teams must meet one of the two following criteria: 1) If the number of participants on a team is an even number, the men and women must be in equal numbers; if the number is an odd number, one fewer of one gender is permitted. 2) The team may have no more than two persons rated "C" or above.

All members of the team must reside within the boundaries of the North Texas Division of USA Fencing. Registration can be completed on FRED, and will be subject to approval to ensure residency requirements. Competitors may be drawn from one or more clubs. Clubs may enter as many teams as they wish, however, an individual can only fence on one team. Registration and payment must be completed by February 23rd. Each team must designate a Team Captain (who may or may not be one of the members of the team) who will function also as the official contact person who will receive additional information as appropriate from the league coordinators. Entry of a team and payment of team entry verifies acceptance of the rules and regulations and rulings of the league coordinator.

The cost for each team entry is $100, payable on askFRED by Feb 23rd, 2018. Entry fees will be used to subsidize end-of-season-awards and referees for the Playoff bouts. Home Teams are responsible for payment (if any) of referees for all regular season matches.

Competition Season
Regular Season Competition
Following close of entry on February 23th, a list of all teams and participants will be published. Teams will fence one match with each of the other teams, one as the designated "Home" team and one as the designated "Visiting" team. Teams will schedule their own matches with each other, and will have until April 30th to compete matches and report results. In the event of 12 or more teams registering, the league coordinator will place the teams into two different geographically-based divisions (the ruling of the league coordinator in this instance is final and not subject to appeal). Home teams are responsible for arranging for and payment of referees for all hosted matches. Matches will be held at a venue designated by the Home team, and at a time agreed upon by both teams. Any matches not completed by April 30th will be scored as a Double Forfeit.

Playoff Season Competition
After the completion of Regular Season Competition, teams will be ranked according to win-loss percentage (see League Rules for concerning Forfeits), with ties be broken first by result of head-to-head competition, and second by total indicators. In the event of unbroken ties, the league coordinator will conduct a coin-flip in the presence of representatives from both teams to determine placement. The top 4 placing teams will be seeded into a standard direct elimination tableau, and playoff competition will commence on May 4th (in the event of a tie for 4th place, a fence off between the two teams will be conducted). The higher seeded team will be designated the "Home" team and the lower seeded team the "Visiting." In the event geographic Divisions are used, each division will have its own bracket of 4 teams, to fence for a the Division Championships. The winners of each geographic Division will fence for the overall league championship. The League Coordinator reserves the right to adjust the Regular Season of competition if the number of teams is larger than expected. Guidelines for scheduling Playoff rounds will be published later in the season.

A team may have no more than 2 of its matches scored as a Forfeit in order to participate in Playoff Season Competition.

League Rules
Match Rules
Matches will be conducted as 45-Touch Relay Format, according to the latest version of the USA Fencing Rules of Competition. The Visiting team designates which side of the scoresheet they will fence on (1-3 vs 4-6). Home Teams are responsible for payment (if any) of referees for all matches except for the Championship and Third-Place matches (and Division Championship matches, if required). Matches will be held at a venue designated by the Home team, and at a time agreed upon by both teams. Any matches not completed by April 30th will be scored as a Double Forfeit.

Team Member Participation
Each team member must team member must fence in at least one leg in two different matches in the regular season in order to be considered a member of the team for end of season awards and to be eligible for playoff participation.

Results Reporting
The designated Home Team is responsible for reporting the results of competition using materials that the League Coordinator will make available after team registrations end.

Injury Substitution
Substitutions during a match will follow standard rules as laid down in the latest version of the USA Fencing Rules of Competition.

In the event of a injury that will take a team member out of competition for a significant period of time (as determined by the Team Captain), a team member may be replaced. A team member replaced in this fashion is not eligible to participate in any additional team matches, but may still be eligible for end of season awards. Both the injured team member and the replacement's legs fenced will count together towards participation requirement.

A Team that fails to present themselves for an arranged competition will score their match as a Forfeit. It will count in the standings as a 0-0 LOSS and may effect playoff eligibility. The opposing team must present conclusive proof to the league coordinator of the arrangement of the match.

If the team match is not completed by the end of the Regular Season the match will be scored as a Double Forfeit.

Awards to be presented
Team Champion and Runner-Up. Team Champion name and names of members will be inscribed on the Permanent Trophy. Members of the Champion and Runner-Up teams will receive replica trophies. Champion and Runner-Up will receive commemorative banners. In the event Geographic Divisions are used, Division Champions will also receive trophies and banners.