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WAY Foil E and Under (Men & Women) Mar 24, 2018
Excellent opportunity to earn you D or E rating while gaining valuable experience in the process. Both men and women will be separate events unless we fail to meet the requirements for a D rating. $45 3 pm START.
Way of the Sword Ridgefeild: Ridgefield, CT
posted 01/09/2018
More Info
This is a USFA sanctioned event and ratings will be awarded for both men and women provided we meet the requirements for a D1 event (15 participants w/ 4 E ratings). Tell your friends to enter this event because we prefer NOT to mix men and women. We are close to meeting the requirements but we need just a few more to be certain.

NOTE: The fee is $45 if paid in advance by credit card using the link provided below (not via FRED). Refunds are given with 24-hour advanced notice (no questions asked). There is an added $15 service fee for payments made at the door. Avoid this fee and pay online, please.

Use this link to make your payment via CC online. please.

Registration closes at 3 pm sharp.
USFA competitive membership is required with proof of valid membership to be presented at check-in.
Regulation uniform required with long socks, two foils, two body cords and conductive bibs on the mask. Foil springs will be tested.

Parents ELEVATE your fencing experience in our adult only lounge area with leather seating WIFI or pull off a classic "drop and shop" and enjoy our many stores and restaurants steps away. No need to drive anywhere. Some local walk-to recommendations include:

Coffee and pastries by Kafo (owned by fencing parents)
RTS (next door to us amazing fun shopping)
Results Fitness (workout while you wait, book in advance)
Planet Pizza (by the slice or pie)
Johny Galato (good stuff)
Deborah Ann Sweet Shop (old school sweet shop)
The Village Tavern (outstanding drinks and food)
Craigs Fine Jewelry (you know you want to)
Purple Frog (cute)
Ellizabella's bake shop (delish)
Books on the Common (our corner bookstore worth the paper)
see google maps for a host of interesting and unique shopping options.

Way of the Sword is CT largest sanctioned fencing club with nine grounded 17-meter Olympic strips tightly maintained. Ample free parking directly in front of the club. Fully ADA compliant facility. Changing rooms are found on the lower level. Keep all fencing bags down below. Only strip bags are permitted on the fencing floor. We have a clear floor policy here for a no trip hazard environment. Blade racks are to be used to secure weapons when not in use while masks can be stored on benches provided.

Please honor our "leave no trace" policy by cleaning up after yourself and ensuring that you take only what is yours out of the club. It is our expectation that you will leave our club clean and in the pristine condition in which you found it.

Want to see some pictures of our club?

Your FOC is Donald Grunewald
All Ref's are certified. Interested in being a ref? Contact
Coach Mike Martin owner
1 203 529 1320

Men's and Women's Foil close of registration is 3PM.
Events Scheduled:
E & Under Senior Women's FoilE & Under Senior Men's Foil
Preregistration opens on 01/09/2018.
Preregistration closes on 03/23/2018.