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WWD Div II/III/Y14 Divisional Qualifier Apr 14, 2018 - Apr 15, 2018
This event is the qualifier for the Div II, Div III, and Y14 events at Summer Nationals. This tournament is only open to members of the USFA Western Washington Division.
Salle Auriol Seattle: Seattle, WA
posted 12/26/2017
More Info
FRED Announces the WWD Div II/III/Y14 Divisional Qualifier
April 14-15, 2018
at Salle Auriol Seattle

Due to the change of date for the Orion RJCC, we have moved the WWD Qualifier out one week to avoid overlap of the events.

This event is the qualifier for the Division II, Division III, and Youth-14 events at Summer Nationals in July. All fencers who wish to fence these events at Summer Nationals must qualify through this event (unless they are pre-qualified as described below.)

This tournament is only open to members of the USFA Western Washington Division. All fencers must be US citizens or permanent residents.

----- Qualification Info -----
The top 25% of fencers in each event will qualify (with a minimum of 3). If 3 or fewer fencers are present on the day of the event, it will not be fenced since everyone will qualify. However, you MUST be present at the close of registration in order to qualify!

Veteran fencers that fence in the Div II/III event will automatically qualify for the corresponding Veteran event at Summer Nationals (regardless of finishing place.)

----- Event Schedule by Weapon -----

Men's Foil:
- Div II/III - 10:00am Saturday
- Youth-14 - 12 noon Sunday

Women's Foil:
- Div II/III - 10:00am Sunday
- Youth-14 - 12 noon Sunday

Men's Epee:
- Div II/III - 10:00am Sunday
- Youth-14 - 12 noon Saturday

Women's Epee:
- Div II/III - 10:00am Saturday
- Youth-14 - 10:00am Sunday

Men's Saber:
- Div II/III - 12 noon Saturday
- Youth-14 - 10:00am Saturday

Women's Saber:
- Div II/III - 10:00am Saturday
- Youth-14 - 11:00am Saturday

All times are close of registration.

----- Registration Information -----
Entry fee is $25 per event entered and must be paid in cash or by credit card at the door.

Follow this link to register and pay online with AskFRED:

----- Event Format -----
All events will be run as a single round of pools with 100% promoted to the direct elimination.

----- Tournament Rules -----
All fencers must be current competitive members of the USFA Western Washington Division.

Full USFA regulation uniform is required, including plastron, knickers, and knee-length socks. No jeans or sweatpants allowed.

----- Age Eligibility -----
Eligibility is based on entirely on birth year, regardless of when a fencer's birthday falls during the year.

Senior (Div II/III) - Born 2004 or earlier
Youth-14 - Born 2003-2006

----- Equipment Check -----
Please arrive early to allow time for equipment checks. We will be checking masks, lames, and bodycords.

----- Am I Pre-Qualified? -----
Many fencers in the division may already be pre-qualified for Division II and III, as well as Y14. If you finished in the top 40% at a Div II ROC like Bladefest or the Battle in Seattle, you have earned Div II or Div IA Regional Points and will be qualified for Div II/III. If you finished in the top 40% of a Div II NAC, then you are also qualified.

Y14 fencers with Y14 national points are auto-qualified for the Y14 event. Y14 fencers are also qualified if they have at least 150 Y14 regional points.

You can lookup regional points on the USFA website here:
- Select "Regional Points List 2017-2018"
- Choose the weapon and point list (DV2M = Div II men, Y14W = Y14 Women, etc.)
- We are in Region 1
- Click "Allez!"

Fencer with Div II Regional Points are NOT skipped when calculating the qualifiers at this event. This means that if you have regional points (and are therefore already qualified) but fence and finish in the top 25%, you will "take up" a qualification slot that could otherwise go to another fencer. So you may not want to fence at this event so as to let other people qualify.

As of 4/4/18, the following people are qualified for DV2 and/or Y14 and DO NOT need to fence at this event:

Qualified for DV2 and/or Y14 via Regional Points
* If you are qualified for DV2 and are classified U, E, or D, you are also qualified for DV3.
Amezquita, Pablo: DV2MS
Armstrong, Garrett: DV2ME
Barr, Abby: DV2WE
Benack, Mark: DV2ME
Bull, Anderson: Y14MS
Crumb, Maxon: DV2MS
Devore, Jennifer: DV2WE
Ding, Abby: Y14WF
Dodge, Shawn: DV2ME
Floyd, Alaina: DV2WE
Fly, Paul: DV2ME
Gaffney, John: Y14MS
Glover, Cindy: DV2WE
Greenbaum, Andrew: Y14MF
Guerra, Sofia: Y14WF
Han, Anderson: Y14MF
Huang, Zekai: DV2MS
Ji, Catherine: DV2WE
Ketkar, Ketki: DV2WE
Ketkar, Mallika: DV2WE
Kiluk, Andrew: DV2ME
Kim, Gracie: DV2WF, Y14WF
Kim, Jackson: Y14MF
Lawler, Aidan: Y14ME
Lee, Jessica: DV2WF
Li, Brian: DV2ME, Y14ME
Li, Nicholas: DV2MF, Y14MF
Lockner, Jake: DV2MF
Luebbe, Macklan: DV2MS, Y14MS
Morrison, Monica: DV2WF
Musha, John: Y14MF
Nanton, Shyamala: DV2WE
Nister, Jonathan: Y14MF
Pak, Tommy: DV2MF
Powers, Doug: DV2MF
Roy, Joseph: DV2ME
Shin, Hynsoo (Kevin): DV2MF
Tolbert, Zoe: DV2WE
Townsend, Avery: Y14MF
Troxel, Sylvie: DV2WF
Weise, Eli: Y14ME

Qualified for Y14 via National Points:
Gaffney, John: Y14MS
Guerra, Sofia: Y14WF
Ketkar, Ketki: Y14WE
Ketkar, Mallika: Y14WE
Kim, Gracie: Y14WF
Li, Brian: Y14ME
Luebbe, Macklan: Y14MS
Musha, John: Y14MF
Townsend, Avery: Y14MF