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New Gear Open (foil and epee) Jan 7, 2018
Please join us for our next in-house foil and epee tournament for MTFC members and affiliated clubs. You must be an active member of Metro Tacoma Fencing Club, Kitsap Fencing Club, or Washington Fencing Academy to participate.
Metro Tacoma Fencing Club: Lakewood, WA
posted 12/23/2017
More Info
Please join us for our next in-house and affiliates foil and epee tournament. You must be an active member of Metro Tacoma Fencing Club, Kitsap Fencing Club, or Washington Fencing Academy to participate.

A current 2017-2018 membership to the US Fencing Association (non-competitive membership is fine) is also required for this event due to insurance and liability requirements.

------------------ Important Info -------------------

Tournament: MTFC In-House Foil and Epee
Date: January 7, 2018
Close of Registration: 10:00 AM
Location: Metro Tacoma Fencing Club, Tacoma, WA

We are right next to Olympus Women's Health Club and across the street from H-Mart. Our address is 8629 S Tacoma Way Lakewood, WA 98499.

REGISTRATION CLOSES promptly at 10:00 AM. Fencing will begin shortly thereafter.

ENTRY FEE: $20 for the event.

ENTRY FEE DISCOUNTS (may be combined): $5 off if preregistered on AskFRED because everyone should use AskFRED, $5 off for fencers with a classification (rating) as we want to encourage our most experienced members to participate as well and be role models for our beginners, and $5 off for rated referees who will help referee during this event.

------------------ Tournament Rules -------------------

At least a non-competitive US Fencing Association (USFA) membership is necessary to participate due to liability requirements. These events are not rated, and you cannot get a classification change from this event. Adults and children with all different levels of experience will be fencing together. A responsible adult is expected to stay as long as a child is still participating in the tournament and is encouraged to help getting the child on and off the strip if needed (we will show you if needed).

You must wear long pants and shoes with covered toes. Don't even think about fencing in shorts or flip flops. That isn't going to happen because it ain't safe.


Beginners are welcome to use club electric equipment. Competitive fencers are expected to use their own equipement. If we are short on electric equipment you will need to share with other fencers who also borrow electric equipment.


This is a sharks and minnows foil event which is not a typical USFA format but provides better opportunity for practice. We will conduct our tournament with an initial round of pools as is standard for USFA tournaments. There will be a second round of pools to follow with a separate "sharks" group for the top fencers (after the first round of pools) who will be protected to advance to the possible direct elimination round. All the "minnows" will be sorted based on their first round pool performance for their second round of pools with other minnows. Direct eliminations will follow based on the second round of pools likely only from the Sharks pool but who knows. Not everyone will advance to direct eliminations though this format will allow two rounds of pools with the second round more equal in fencing strength which is more and better fencing for everyone. Those who are eliminated after the pools are encouraged to watch the higher level fencers, ask questions, and learn some new tricks as well as enjoy the company of other MTFC fencers and families.


Depending on the size of event which is likely smaller than the foil group the anticipated format with be standard pools, 100% promotion to direct eliminations, and a full direct elimination round.

Tournament coordinators may change the format for either or both weapons to try to maximize fencing and fun for all participants without keeping everyone forever.


The rounds will be self-directed by fencers who are rated referees and claim their $5 discount.

Events Scheduled:
Mixed Epee and Mixed Foil
Preregistration opens now.
Preregistration closes on 1/6/2018.