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APEX OPEN - Women's/Men's Foil & Epee, Youth Foil May 12, 2018
Men's & Women's Foil & Epee ***note changes in Registration closing times for some events*** Youth Foil events Y10 and Y12 are mixed open "Unsanctioned" Foil events.
Apex Fencing Academy: Apex, NC
posted 12/20/2017
More Info
Apex Fencing Academy welcomes all Foil and Epee fencers to our open events.

-----Y10 fencers please note------

Many of the Y10 Foil Fencers have also pre-registered for the Y12 Foil
event. Both events start at 9am and fencers will be allowed to compete
in ONE event only.

Please chose your event and delete your registration from the event in
which you will not be competing.

We ask that you do this before the day of the tournament, as it will
prevent delays on the day of the tournament as well as help us
organizers better prepare with the number of referees needed for each

Awards for the top 4 fencers in each event.

Proof or USA Fencing membership is required for all fencers:
-Competitive membership is required for the Senior events which are sanctioned events.

-non-competitive Membership is required for the Youth events which are "unsanctioned".

Please check/update your membership with USA Fencing and your askFRED profile to correctly reflect your membership status.

Fencers who do not have a USA Fencing membership will be asked to complete a membership/payment at the tournament. This could considerable delay the start time for your event and we therefore, ask the fencers to please do this prior to Saturday morning.

Tournament fees:

Registration fees are paid at the front desk.
ONE Event Fees: $20
TWO Events Fees: $30

Events Scheduled:

Unsanctioned Youth Events:
Y10 Mixed Foil (born 2007-2010)
Y12 Mixed Foil (born 2005-2008)

Sanctioned Senior Events (born 2004 or earlier)

Senior Men's Foil
Senior Women's Foil
Senior Men's Epee
Senior Women's Epee

If less than 5 fencers register for either gender in the Senior Men's and Women's events, the events will bee combined to a Mixed event.